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The Immorality of “messianic jews” pt2

So after yesterday’s post I was expecting the “messianic jew” in question to actually moderate her behaviour.  I was expecting that after being exposed she would actually have some sense of remorse and actually learn from the experience…

No such luck of course.  What we have is yet more profanity form her, more sex talk and more anti-Semitism.  So she thinks she is being highly intelligent in breaking down the name of this site and seeing “sex” in it.  I guess it is just the way her mind works.  When I came up with the site name it never occurred to me- but then I guess I don’t frequent the sites she does or go to the same places as she does.  Clearly her mind works in the crudest terms and attempts to drag everything down to her rather smutty level!

So here are some of her recent comments- pornography, smut and claiming I deceive Jews because I have no porn on my site!  Yep- seems in her mind all Jews are on the internet to find porn and by my not hosting any I am deceiving them!  Strangely she actually states this just before claiming she had apologised for her previous smutty and inappropriate comments.  She even tries to claim that I know the owner of the Ranch is a Jew.  Actually I know no such thing- the previous owner Andrew Phillips may or may not be Jewish but he is dead, assassinated by business associates.  I have no idea who the current owner is, unlike whatever insider information the “messianic jew” knows from her family connections.  Nor do I think his religion would be relevant anyway.  Unlike her, I don’t think the religion of a criminal is relevant since no religion sanctions such behaviour- but to anti-Semites like her claims that Jews are all immoral and involved in porn and prostitution are common.

Yep- she does a great job of showing the level of anti-Semitism and hatred that prevails among many “messianic jews”

The screenshots are here:  first the details of the comments for easy reading and reference and then the full screen (very large unfortunately and thus why the clipped comments)  shots

The immorality of the “messianic jews”

So all too often we find “messianic jews” an Yahoo!Answers attacking Jews for their lack of observance of Jewish law.  Yes, many Jews in the non-Orthodox streams of Judaism don’t follow Jewish law.  So one would expect that the “messianic jews” would show themselves to be paragons of virtue and adherents of the torah…  Anyone who has actually read anything put out by “messianic jews” would very quickly see that most have virtually no knowledge of the Torah at all and zero knowledge of Jewish law.  In essence they try to attack Jews for doing what they do- ignoring what Jewish law actually says.

Recently this became even more bizarre when one of them tried to attack me and told me I should visit a brothel…  Not just did she mention the name of a well known business here in South Africa which is well known due to its run ins with the law, its fights with the tax authorities and the high profile assassination of its owner, she even gave explicit instructions as to whom should be spoken to there and mentioned the fact that he was the god father to her grandchild and that her ex-daughter in law was involved with him!  so given all that I stated exactly what she was- an immoral and unethical pimp.

Of course this did not slow her down- she compounded her attacks by now mentioning that the person she was recommending I talk to at the brothel was Jewish.  Not once, but numerous times, as if the fact that he happened to be Jewish was relevant…  Of course she has never mentioned the religion of any other criminal, but then this is typical of anti-Semites: they attempt to link their own immoral and unethical behaviour to a Jew and claim it is their fault!  Yep, she truly had outdone herself, showing herself as nothing more than another anti-Semites, but this time one that was procuring for a brothel!

Did this slow her down?  Of course not- it just egged her on to make further accusations against me, to make further unfounded statements- after all, no “messianic jew” would ever apologise for their behaviour no matter how wrong and how exposed it has been!  so well done to abiyah for demonstrating exactly how unethical, immoral and anti-Semitic she truly is!  A wonderful example of a “messianic jew” to be shown to all!

Hmm, and for however long the link remains active it the whole exchange can be see here on Yahoo Answers, with the comment telling me to visit the ranch (the brothel in question) being found in the comments to the answer by janaiji63.  As always, the screenshot is below though it is a rather large one.  Note:  I have just added a small shot of the relevant quote from below as some have complained it is too large and cumbersome to search through!


UPDATE:  SO after having the evidence posted here,  what is the response?  To accuse me of lying!  Yep, really- after having everything posted here, after the evidence being supplied, the link being supplied so people can see there has been no doctoring or changes to the screenshot- the response is to claim I am lying and she is the victim!  Yes, she really is that dishonest and unethical- and here are the screenshots of here denials (note just the comments are being shown- but these are available in full screenshots, just too bog to post them all here.

messianicsexposed mesisanic jew telling people to visit brothel

Abiyah sending people to brothel

messianiccs exposed picture of abiyahs brothel comments

Abiyah brothel comments

Tactic: Linking to sites…

Its been a long while since I posted, but that’s mainly because the “messianic jews” on Yahoo!Answers have disappeared leaving three regular posters with their normal rubbish (yep- all the others disappeared at the same time…  No multiple users there! ROFLOL)

So what prompted this post?  Something that one of the “messianic jewish”users has done now and needs to be highlighted and exposed for the dishonesty and utter lack of ethics it represents.

So what was it?  Well, you know how people will link to an article to prove their point?  The latest tactic is to just link to a website and claim it proves them right…  Note, not an article, but just the front page of the website.  When you actually investigate the website you find the truth- not only does it NOT support them, but it disproves them.  What makes this tactic work is if people do not bother to check the link and just believe them in what they claim it says!  Sadly, many users lazy and just assume no one would lie that blatantly, after all the link is there to check…  This is what the dishonest missionaries in the “messianic jewish” movement rely on, that people will not believe they could be THAT dishonest!

So, lets highlight it, expose it and show once again the complete lack of ethics and the dishonesty and misrepresentation that “messianic jews” view as a holy sacrament!

So what sin the screenshots below?  DSM claims I am lying when I claim that 80% of Jews believe in G-d and DSM’s claim that the majority of Jews are atheists is false.  DSM attacks me, telling me I am lying and links to the Gutman site claiming it supports him.  The graph below is from the Gutman site showing 80% believe in G-d.  Not only does the site not state what he claimed it did, it states the opposite and exactly the same as I had originally stated.  Maybe DSM thought he could lie and get away with it since the graph is only on the Hebrew language version of the site and he assumed that everyone is as incompetent as him in Hebrew and would never discover his deception!