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Tactic: Making accusatory posts then blocking comments with spam to prevent replies

June 2, 2010

This seems to be a favourite tactics of various “messianic jewish” posters on Yahoo! Answers.  Below we show some screenshots of various “messianic jewish” posters on Yahoo! Answers utilising this tactic.  The idea they use is that they push the comments up to 100 making personal attacks and accusations- if the person wants to reply to your accusations, they have to delete an earlier comment.  They then sit on the question, obviously just resubmitting the spam so that as soon as the person tries to reply, the comment is blocked by them.  The screenshots below show this tactic being used frequently- also below are examples of spam to block comments- in the hopes of closing it and having no further comments appear.

Note: All these pictures were originally hosted on photobucket. Due to pressure from the “messianic jews”, they were removed.  Never mind- they are here now!

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Example 7

Example 8

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  1. For some reason the “messianic jews” are posting their comments about this page on the “About” page. Look there for their comments (yes, they put them in the wrong place- do we really expect them to get things right?)

    • Greg permalink

      Now that wasn’t nice, was it?

      • Why should I be nice? I don’t consider them or their tactics nice (as shown by my creating this blog) so I don’t see any need to pretend to like them or be nice to them.

  2. Greg permalink

    Well, I’m confused. very, very confused.. Aren’t these nice people posting on the About page a cross section of society? I mean, how would you know they were Messianic, I can’t tell, that’s a no-no.? Hey you, I have put up with plenty because of my sexual orientation, I do NOT like to see prejudice of any group. I don’t think I want to be part of this group any more. It is not a nice group. and I am not religious, just so you know ~~~I just believe “something is there”.

    Is this another of ‘those sites’ ~~~where anyone who doesn’t agree with you gets a name tag? Not nice at all.

    • Never mind Greg, if you don’t like the site, don’t visit it. Nobody is forced to come here, its purely on each individuals conscience. You don’t want to be here, don’t be here.

  3. Hank permalink

    I would like more information. I live in France and a link was given to me there in South Haven.

    Someone left a brochure on my counter. I did not ask for it. It was left there without my consent. The brochure was about Jesus. It said “What must I do to be saved”, I am Jewish.

    What a coincidence that a link to your wonderful site was forwarded to me the same day.

    This site is also very easy to find. Name Messianics Exposed brings you right here.

    Thank you for helping the average man reveal things. I should not have been offended like I was. What can I do nexttime?


    • Just chuck the missionary material into the nearest dustbin. You didn’t ask for it, it belongs in the trash. Feel free to post questions here- I’ll create a post for people to navigate to more easily

  4. Lewis permalink

    I belong to a Russian Orthodox Church. Recently we had a member join that was Jewish.

    Is this a messianic jew?

    • It all depends. If the person believes in Jesus AND still claims to be Jewish, then yes- they are one of the many varieties of “messianic jews”. If the person only calls themselves a Christian and does not claim to still be Jewish- then they are not a “messianic jew” but just a Jew that has converted to Christianity. A very sad situation from the Jewish POV none the less.

  5. Lewis permalink

    Good afternoon.

    A couple moved next door to us in Cambria Heights. There is unusual comings and goings all night long. I see the UPS truck leaving packages. Many big boxes.

    In addition they go to a Christian Jewish place of worship. I am very concerned that they are involved in undercover activities for this cult.

    Is there an anticult hot line I can call? Do you have any more information on how I can report these people?

    • If you think they are involved in criminal activity, report them to the police. If not, their private lives are their own business. As for cult hotlines- I have no idea what is available in your part of the world.

  6. Crabapple permalink

    Good job this was a much needed endeavour. Is it possible to attend one of your meetings? Are they in the Florida panhandel? I heard that a religious organization may be responsible for the oil slick there who comes from the United States I am in England.

    any aid you could give would be much apreciated. The animals and fish here are suffering and I know a clandestine group is behind it all. Could it be that this is the one?

    • The oil slick was as a result of a technical failure on the BP oil platform. While conspiracy theories are fun, I doubt there was any religious cult responsible for the oil slick.

      And I am a private individual, no organisation and no meetings to attend

  7. permalink

    Greetings in the name of Allah (PBUH)

    Is this a zionish organization?

    • This is not an organisation. However, the author supports the state of Israel and is a long time Zionist and member of Zionist organisations. However, that is not the subject of this blog.

  8. Burayd permalink

    She was al-Suraymiyah, and a very dutiful worshipper. She wept often so she finally lost her eye sight. When every thing was quiet and motionless, she used to call out in a melancholy voice, O! Habib.

    This is what happed to a friend of mine after receiving the literature you refer to.

    stop this unwanted propaganda.

  9. Krautite permalink

    I didn’t know we were supposted to put comments there.

  10. HelenHunt permalink

    Please see my proposal on about page. You do not want to miss it.

  11. Imafather permalink

    I will pray for you. This is not helping interfaith relations but harming them. I was raised to believe Judaism is a religion of peace. You are sewing seeds of disunity.

    We have in our congregation Catholic Hebrews. I know the families intimately. They also consider them selves to be Messianic Jews.

    Why are you attacking innocent people?

    • The only thing harming interfaith relations are those using lies, deceit and misrepresentation to pretend to be something they are not. Simply put- somebody that believes in Jesus is a CHRISTIAN. If somebody wants to be Christian, that is fine, its their business. The moment the person begins lying and pretending to be Jewish and to try and redefine Judaism into another sect of Christianity for the purposes of being able to better target Jews to convert them- that is not fine. You CANNOT be Jewish and Christian at the same time. One does not become a better Jew by tacking Christianity onto Judaism- and people trying to claim otherwise are merely being dishonest and deceitful. Even many Christian leaders oppose these tactics and call them deceitful!

  12. private permalink

    You’re reported to Chilling Effects for privacy infringement and illegal use of the trademarked “Yahoo Answers” name. I suggest you close your account immediately. What you are doing is illegal/

    • I suggest you look up the term FAIR USE. I also suggest you learn the difference between mentioning a trade mark and utilising it for your own purposes. Everything here is 100% legal- the screenshots are well within the limits of fair use, and mentioning yahoo! Answers is not illegal unless I misrepresent myself as being part of them or officially linked to them. Since I don’t, I have nothing to worry about.

      Heh, what was this meant to scare me into closing the blog down? ROFLOL

  13. private permalink

    You’re going to be laughing from the other side of your face.

    This was a warning.

  14. private permalink

    It’s called Accountability. It’s not about money it’s about exposing you for the fraud you are.

    This isn’t about a dollar value against your copyright infringement and links to this personal site.

    Where does integrity come into it? Where does responsibility and accountability? How many other people are you going to try to destroy before you are stopped? There are large corporations protecting a person’s right to freedom of speech and religion. They have full time attorneys waiting for infringements and potential harrassment like this.

    Principal, not dollars. You could have your accounts closed so that you will never hurt or defame another person or their freedom to express their beliefs openly.

    Of course, someone who deems money more important than principle might not understand where I’m coming from.

    • I understand principle- and that is the sole purpose behind this site. their is zero monetary motivation here. See any banner ads? How about a donate button? Heh, if there was a financial motive here, don’t you find it strange that there is no means for me to make any money via the site? LOL and nowhere does this site infringe on anyones freedom of religion or speech. In fact, I have made a point of letting all the comments from your 30+ ids go through. Hmm, nor does this site anywhere advocate that any religion should be banned or acted on- feel free to try and find anywhere such action is advocated! Oh wait, I’m meant to be scared because you said someone has lawyers waiting to sue me! LOL

      And the only fraud here is the poster who has made up 30+ ids to post comments on this site. Hmm, you do realise that threatening somebody with legal action, while it can be shown you trying to solicit their private details and their financial information through misrepresentation could get you into serious trouble? Heh, I know I am legally sound. How do you feel?

  15. private permalink

    For your information – Yahoo’s trade names are a valuable asset. By following their guidelines, you either protect or destroy their corporate and public identities.

    By using the Yahoo name, in whole or in part, you are acknowledging that You are interfer with Yahoo’s rights in the of agreement that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any Yahoo trademark. The goodwill derived from using any part of a Yahoo name exclusively inures to the benefit of and belongs to Yahoo. Except for the limited right to use as expressly permitted under these Guidelines, no other rights of any kind are granted, by implication or otherwise.

    If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please talk to a Yahoo representative or send an email to Yahoo’s Trademark Department.

    Only my humble opinion

    • Wrong- do go and learn about fair use, and how one can use someone else’s trademark in news, research and comments. Nowhere does this site imply or even hint it is affiliated with Yahoo- it is clear it is not. As such, unless I try to misrepresent myself as being from Yahoo, they cannot act against comment and news. What, you think they sue the NY TIMES, Washington Post, AFP, AP etc every time their name is mentioned negatively in a story? Obviously not- since there is no breech there!

  16. private permalink

    Again, my opinion: You may not use or register, in whole or in part, any Yahoo trademark, as part of service name except as specifically noted in their guidelines.

    You may not use the Yahoo name in connection with web sites except pursuant to an express written trademark license from Yahoo.

    • Then it is just as well I don’t! the name of this site is “Messianic exposed”. Yahoo! is not mentioned in the name, nor is it implied, nor is it even hinted at. The same applies to the URL. Do try again, you are getting desperate! LOL

  17. private permalink

    Only my opinion: Yahoo does not support the use of its avatars, company names, or product names, by other parties as their use may create the perception that Apple endorses or sponsors the product, service or promotion.

    • Do go study up about fair use, research and commenting. Nothing here is illegal or in anyway infringes on Yahoos trademarks or avatars. Nowhere do I claim that this site is endorsed or supported by Yahoo- in fact I claim the opposite! LOL Do learn something about the law before trying to threaten people with it!

  18. private permalink

    Only my opinion: Yahoo products are only to be shown only in the best light, in a manner or context that reflects favorably on the Yahoo products and on Yahoo Inc.

    For further information with respect to Yahoo’s copyrights, send an email fax to them for permission outlining the use of their name.

    • Do learn about fair use, commenting, parody, news reporting and such. their is no need to ask permission from anyone to mention their name when commenting, reporting news, reporting research or doing a parody. As such, nothing here infringes in Yahoos rights or trademarks and thus everything here is 100% legal

  19. private permalink

    Of course you can fight any of this legally, but it would cost a fortune. A client of mine received this from Yahoo: Use of [our name] constitutes ….. trademark infringements, state unfair competition and is deliberately designed to trade on Yahoo reputation and goodwill. Placing the term, [Yahoo], in as keywords on your site inappropriately and unlawfully draws Internet users to your site.”

    • Wrong- first they have to issue a DMCA notice. I can choose to ignore that or remove the infringing material. Only after a DMCA notice issued by the copyright holder has been issued and not acted on, could they proceed to further action. In this case they would have a hard time finding anything infringing on their copyright. LOL After all, the site is non-commercial and is selling no products. There is no attempt to pass goods off as beng the same as Yahoo! Answers items, there is no attempt to pass things off as being part of Yahoo! Answers, there is no attempt to substitute this page for Yahoo! Answers. In other words, no trademark infringement or dilution. Do stop trying to sound like a lawyer when it is clear you are clueless on the law.

  20. private permalink

    Only my opinion: Also be familiar with the term “Deep linking” which is the practice of providing a link directly to specific content on a web site’s page, instead of linking to its home page.

    So while those avatars may not be linked to Yahoo Answers, a link is implied.

    • Deep linking refers to embedding a story within your own website and hiding the origin of the material- thus making it appear as if the other parties material belongs to your website as you bypass the other parties screens. Alternatively, the previous explanation is referred to as framing with deep lining referring to embedding a link on your site that goes directly to a page on the other webiste. Deep linking is ALLOWED, as long as it is clear that the person has moved off the originating site and there is no attempt to hide the fact that the content belongs to another site. Here, all screenshots from Yahoo! Answers are clearly marked as such. No attempt is made by this site to claim ownership of the material, nor is the entire link copied here. Additionally, since only a minute fraction of the entire post is depicted, it falls within the arena of fair use as it is for teaching and commenting. Additionally, this site is non-commercial; there are no ads, no solicitations for donations and is 100% free to all reading it. So, again, do learn something about the law before making comments which show your lack of knowledge.

  21. private permalink

    If a site you are taking information from stats this is prohibited, or requires permission first, then DO NOT use their material. If you do, you’re asking for trouble.

    • Wrong- you can make fair use of copyrighted work WITHOUT permission! This has to be the case or else nobody could do critical research or critical parody as obviously a copyright holder is not going to be happy to have someone criticising or parodying their work. In fact, from the site you are trying to threaten me with:

      Question: Do I need permission from the copyright holder to make fair use?

      Answer: No. If your use is fair, it is not an infringement of copyright — even if it is without the authorization of the copyright holder. Indeed, fair use is especially important to protect uses a copyright holder would not approve, such as criticism or parodies. See Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, 510 US 569 (1994).

      In short, learn something about the law before trying to threaten someone with it, you just end up looking foolish!

  22. private permalink

    Only my opinion: Not too long ago, Plaintiff sued Defendant , saying its trademarks were violated when Defendants site was presented during searches for Plaintiff trademarked keywords [their name]. Your website comes up if “Yahoo Answers Messianics Exposed” is searched.

    Several months later Defendant decided to voluntarily remove the trademarked keywords from its list

    • So the defendant VOLUNTARILY removed the keyword- in other words the plaintiff could not force the issue LOL Since nothing in my site suggests a link with Yahoo, but is fair use, comment and news- trying to sue me because the site mentions Yahoo! Answers would be like suing Time magazine since it has a story on Yahoo! Answers!

      Again, stop trying to sound like a lawyer, you clearly have no handle on the law and are making yourself look foolish

  23. private permalink

    Only my opinion: What you’re basically doing is “stealing” Yahoo’s content to generate interest in your site entitled Messianics Exposed. I would recommend staying clear of this practice.


    • Nope- I am not stealing anything- do look up fair use, research, comment, news and teaching.

      conclusion: you are not a lawyer and have zero understanding of the law

  24. private permalink

    Only my opinion: Take care with the your content. If you think it can be construed as illegal, consult an attorney who will search for legal cases on the technique.

    If he can not find any, then there is a good chance that the what you are doing can be pursued. However from what I’ve encountered, you are walking on shaky legal ground.

    • In my opinion: It is clear you are not a lawyer and have zero understanding of the law. Do go and read the site whose link you left me- it can be the start of your education and then you can refrain from making such silly posts like you have made here!

  25. Aravah permalink

    Wow, Desperate to shut you down, aren’t they? Must be striking a nerve.

    • Heh,true that- but hey, according to some of the posters on Yahoo! Answers doing this would be pointless since nobody would care. I guess they didn’t speak for the “messianic jewish” website that is trying to attack me or the various posters from around the world all arriving to tell me how this is a waste of time and “messianic jews” are such great guys!LOL

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