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The purpose of this blog

June 2, 2010

The purpose of this blog is simple- to expose “messianic judaism” and it’s underhand tactics used to convert Jews.  It is sad that such a blog should be necessary, that there would be a religion out there so dedicated to destroying another religion as to misrepresent itself as part of that religion.  Sadly, “messianic judaism” shows the depths to which those seeking to destroy Judaism will sink.   “messianic judaism’s”  true aim is shown in the very name they have chosen; their aim being nothing more than the redefining of Judaism into just another sect of Christianity, and the tricking of the uneducated into converting to Christianity under the guise of making them better Jews!

Now, undoubtedly their are some who will take exception to what I post.  Undoubtedly there are those who will accuse me of hatred and of hating Christianity.  So, let me state up front that I have nothing against Christianity.  I personally believe that the vast majority of Christians are probably well meaning and good intentioned people, as are the majority of Muslims, Hindus, Bahai, Budhists, Shintoists etc.  All too frequently people choose to judge groups based on the news grabbing radicals;  but that is not the intention here- this blog is not an attack on Christianity as a whole and its hundreds of millions of well intentioned, honest people that belong to the Christian religion.  It is specifically aimed at a missionary movement that has even been denounced by other Christians for its use of deceit and underhand tactics.

It is also going to be noticed that I will always refer to “messianic judaism” in the lower case and in quotation marks.  The reason for that is simple:  I will not legitimise it in any way.  As such, I want it clear that it is NOT a form of Judaism.  It is not recognised as a stream of Judaism by any of the recognised Jewish streams.  “messianic jews” are not seen as Jews, and converts to “messianic judaism” are not seen as Jews, by real Jews.   Nor will you see the “messianic jewish” term of “Rabbinic Judaism” being employed here.  Judaism today is the Judaism practiced from the time of Moshe- the difference being that we cannot carry out the avodah of the Temple.  However, we pray every day for the arrival of the Mashiach, the building of the third temple and the full and complete restoration of the Temple service

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