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Tactic: Multiple IDs

June 6, 2010

A popular tactic of the “messianic jews” is to use multiple IDs to try and make themselves look more legitimate.  This can just the “gaming” aspect of asking a question under one ID, and answering it under another in order to give the second ID BA and push up its points count.  However, it goes further than that- the “messianic jews” like to use multiple accounts to validate the postings of other IDs or to gang up on somebody opposing them, trying to show that the person they oppose is a mere lone voice and most people are against them!  On Yahoo! answers, this tends to be difficult to detect- after all, IP addresses are invisible and proving anything when screen names, descriptions etc. can be changed at will is difficult at best.

However, I thank the “messianic jews” for using that same tactic right here on this blog.  See, it appears that the “messianic jew” that is posting here is unaware of a little feature of wordpress blogs, that IP addresses are shown to the blog owner for all comments.  What that means is this:

There have been only four people posting here- three of whom have unique IP addresses- Yehudi, Dovid and myself.  The rest, ALL the rest, share the same IP address!  So we have a single person who is:

Father Graves a Catholic priest who demands both sides must be shown

Priciilla- supports Father Graves in demanding I post comments of others and also states that it is common practice to utilise this tactic of blocking comments (strange then, that in the years I have been on yahoo! answers the only group I have observed doing this is the “messianic jews”).  Ah, and she was the first to launch an attack claiming this was illegal (in this claiming that under the age of 18 such a site is illegal.)

Movie star- a “messianic jew” stating how this site confirms that his faith is the only true one

LaurieJoan who complains that this is a pointless site and repeats the Pricilla assertion that it is common practice to spam the comments queue.  States that she is not a “messianic jew” but sent here by someone I know.

Mybabygirl who states that she received a spam email from someone in her shul to come here.  And tries to solicit financial information and details by asking about donations and organisations.  Hmm, also tries to claim that I am in the Congo and that her husband is from Uganda

Omarshariff (the morphed movie star poster above, utilising the same email address) who praises the site, tries to get me send him private email and claims to be active in various forms of charities.  Of course, this ID then goes on to agree with Father Graves about showing both sides of the story and then goes on to try and get me to attack the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Bigbadjohn informing the site has little appeal and how I should get infomercials on here (this id even helpfully suggest I combine with other Jewish organisations, and gives me a link for infomercials!)

Dick who decides to attack me stating that I offer no proof of my assertions, and then tries to claim the automated gravatars are insulting.  Neh, some people have no sense of fun!

BoooooooopeDooooooo- this one is just meant to be a feel good comment it seems, nothing more than that.

catholicworshipper- claiming to be at an internet cafe`, and that her entire school knows about it

Billsinthemail- this id is obviously one meant for attacking- the site is devious, the site is neo-Nazi, I am compassionless. Oh, and this time the poster is an atheist.

Greg- another commenter claiming to be an atheist; only this time a homosexual one that is worried about Judaism being homophobic.  Greg also seems to be the ID for raising questions.  Here he decides that I have designated all the people posting on the About page “messianic jews”  (nope- never did that- I stated the people in my post were “messianic jews”, I addressed only a few people as “messianic jews”- and mainly because of prior experience with them- such as Yehudi on another blog I run).  Ah, and this ID also becomes one of the ids used to accuse me of banning posters.  Must be frustrating for them that no one has been banned- I wanted the spam posts the single poster made to be visible.

Hank-now Hank is in France and supposedly has been given “messianic” material.  He wants advice on what to do with it.  This theme continues in other posters.  I suppose the hope here is that I will say something which they can twist into hate speech.

Lewis- now Lewis is Russian Orthodox (keeping track of all the changes?  Don’t forget all these people are form a single IP address!) LOL

Lewis- supposedly a different one to the other Lewis (different email addresses, I guess they forgot they had used the name! LOL)  Now Lewis is in Cambria and worried about the “Christian Jewish” couple that keeps receiving UPS packages.  Advice is needed!

Crabapple seems to be the conspiracy theory ID.  Are “messianic jews” responsible for the oil spill?  Heh- and now we are in England (and like some of the others, organisational details are sought!)

Danbarzilai- well, the poster didn’t have a Muslim ID yet- so here we have one asking if this is a “zionish” site!

Burayd- just for good measure, another Muslim ID- this one claiming that they know a poor Muslim girl badly affected by the missionary material.

Krautite- well, this one is probably meant to waste my time.  Yep, according to Krautite I should head on over to ebay and find some (unspecified) important material on “messianic jews”

Epiekarz- this Id is eveidently meant to be the one to rouse my sympathy and come running with reams of information- the “messianic jews” must be right since they have a list for the mashiach!

jessee- now we start trying to attack through passive means.  Is the site approved of by the Rabbinic Assembly.  Along with that is the suggestion that the site is up to something nefarious and people should be careful on the internet.

MrsLitman- now we have a concerned mother whose son is supposedly dating a Christian.  Again, I suppose I was supposed to respond with something they could twist to try and claim hate speech.  I declined the invitation! ROFLOL

Rabbi2- now a direct statement for me to send an email to him with a specific title.  Not sure if this was aimed at me, or at other people reading the blog; the intimation here is quite an attack on Judaism by trying to make it seem that Rabbi is advocating revenge!

HelenHunt- a pure phishing attempt.  In the guise of offering me a job, the attempt now is to get me to give them all my offline contact details!

Bruce- now it seems the poster is starting to get worried- what if I do know their IP?  After all, they don’t want a post like this one to come out!

denbiltaylor- this one is supposedly to support me, while trying to find out when next I will be posting.  He/she must want to be ready

Mrepiekarz- another supposed victim of missionaries asking how to get rid of their material.

Isolatedinseatle- now the attempt is to get me to expand the scope, try to catch me out in such a way as to claim I hate Christianity.  Ah, and we now have a priest in the family in Mexico

Dorathy- another passive aggresive attack- this time attacking me for doing this on the net (and not in rl).

Rich- I suppose after all the previous comments, our poster decided to try and gain some background and insight LOL

eieko- Yep, they need an email link for highly confidential information dealing with the “messianic jews” LOL

mano- again accusations of me banning people (and trying to intimate that the Catholic Priest is a “messianic jew”, probably one of the few statements approaching the truth in all this!)

misty- no array of posters on a board would be complete without the profanity laden poster- here it is, courtesy of the same Ip as the rest of them!

Stefanie- finally the first attempt to insert missionary material here.  A quick oblique reference, undoubtedly to soon lead to more! (well, at least that was probably the idea until I made this post)

Orthodox realty firm- I suppose they had to have some Orthodox posters.  So, they create a realty firm of them who find this site comical and suggest attacking a popular Orthodox singer instead!

imafather- now we have the religious attack- I am bad for interfaith relations.  No need to worry though, the kindly poster will be praying for me!

mangos- supposedly an ex Yahoo! Answers posters.  So, a generic attack on Yahoo! Answers and not much else

Macho- the site is a joke, and the comments made up.  Well, he should know after all, most of them (aside from my replies) are from him!

private- yet another attempt to scare me with legal threats.  This time claiming that I am illegally using content and misappropriating the Yahoo! Answers trademark.  Seems this ID is as clueless about the law as it is about their own legal status…

So, we have around 30 IDs, claiming to be from various parts of the world; various ages, sexes, races and affiliation- and they all share the same IP address!  Of course, if private knows anything about the law, round about now he should be wondering if I am planning on reporting this to the appropriate authorities- after all, utilising different names and emails, misrepresenting him/herself and a phishing attempt to gain private information through misrepresentation…  Heh, at most, even if I were guilty of copyright violation, I cold be made to take the site down.  I hate to think of what criminal sanctions could be applied to the fraudulent misrepresentation that has gone on here!

Oh, and if the poster behind this decides to call me a liar through any of these IDs, I will post the proof from the admin screen here.  Right now I am being kind and not revealing their IP.

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  1. gibbons permalink

    I would like to see the actual links on Yahoo. All this sounds perposterous.

    Can you help me w/that?

    • The links are in the screenshots- unfortunately you will not see what is here, as after the blocking of the comment they later replace it with further attacks and accusations. Whether you choose to believe me or not, thats your decision to make- I can post with a clear conscience knowing its true.

      on this particular post- the mutliple ids are the ones use don THIS blog! Since I stated I would not show their IP unless they tried to deny it, I will not show the admin screen with their IP address. of course, if the poster in question states they want the admin screen shot posted to show the multiple IDs, I will. But that is the only way it will be publicly done- because they deny it or because they request it

    • Just a question- which part of the post you commented on did you fail to understand? Surely when you comment on a post about how a person has been caught out for using multiple IDs by their IP address, you wold realise the same applies to you? Tell me, Gibbons, do you prefer that or Australiaoutback? And yes- if you accuse me of lying I will post the screendump of the admin screen showing that you are one and the same

  2. ulluddunne permalink

    In your opinion which is the primary Messianic Organization that you fear the most? and Why?

    • That will just have to remain my own little secret at the moment. If it ever becomes relevant to a post, I will post it. Sorry missionaries, you’ll just have to try to figure out which organisation is the most bothersome

  3. Phillip the Great permalink

    I like your blog much better are yiou neglecting that to be here? I think you are wasting your time this is beneath you.

    If you tell me one evil thing that a messianic has done I may come back but I’m Jewish and think this is very foolish on your part to stoop this low,why not just walk away. i dont know maybe I have my head on backwards but what is so bad about Jews who believe in Christ?

    If they bother you just say you are not interested. Look where this got you with your face on a major Christian site, this could have been prevented just don’t go on Yahoo and avoid these people if you dont like them you weren’t put on earth by Hashem to be a savior of any type.

    All I want is one exposed fact I don’t know about and maybe I will understand but i dont now. They hand are nice people one helped me fix my golf cart.

    • Interesting, you like it much better yet you have never commented on anything? Hmm, why do I find it odd that you say that here, yet have never commented there? What, it take a bit of controversy to stir you up? Hmm, then again, I have yet to meet a Jew who did not understand what was wrong about Christians claiming to be Jews. Hey, I suppose there must be some who don’t understand that a belief that abrogates the Torah, goes against the Aseret haDibrot, that ignores the basics of Judaism cannot be Judaism; I just haven’t met them.

      As for getting my face on a major “messianic jewish” site- great, getting lots of people arriving at my blog courtesy of them. Great advertising! LOL

      As for staying away from Yahoo! Answers- why should I? I enjoy the site and there are occasional genuine questions about Judaism I enjoy answering. On top of that, “Kol Yisrael arazim zeh la zeh”- “All of Israel is responsible one for another”. It is the duty of those who are capable of it to oppose the missionaries and the misinformation that is so prelevant on the net and which people try to pass off as Jewish. So, I see it not just as something I enjoy, but as a duty to the whole of klal Yisrael to be active and prevent these people from disseminating false information about Judaism and from trying to pass off a Christian sect as a part of the Jewish people!

  4. JohnSRiggy permalink

    Could you explain a verse in Genesis, I don’t know exactly where it is but it refers to the sons of Gods mating with the sons of Men to make a super race of giants. Where is it? Did it really happen?

  5. Geek permalink

    Read the above, dont you no there is more than a way to have the same Internet Protocol number? Let me put it in plain language. If Dewy Ballentine had esqs. in the US and England and other places around the world they could be using a common address. Dewy Ballentine could have a proxy host and all emails go through it. This is done for several reasons which I will not go into here-investigate for yourself. If you were computer savvy you would know that. Therefore any organization corporation firm etc. could simply do that to keep all the IPs uniform. Just a theory but an appropriate one.

    • Geek- do try that on someone that did not run internet security for a bank for a number of years! Your explanation might be posisble for one or two ids- but 30? And generally posting in batches within the same time frame? LOL

      if they were all behind the same corporate firewall- sure they would all have the same IP- BUT, they all claim to be from different parts of the world and different ages (including one claiming to be in school and at an internet cafe`). So its hardly likely they are all posting from the same company now is it? So are all the other scenarios- there might be some very long odds in which one of those scenarios are true- but the simple reality is that the only possible AND probable scenario (the others might be possible, they just aren’t probable), is the fact that it is one individual using the same machine.

  6. Irving Friedman permalink

    Just a comment worth taking. Someone on here (ARAVATH) said that Conservatives Jews in America do not call their congregation a Temple.

    As President of a Temple, I would like to correct that.

    Here are a few links:

    Conservative congregations are called both Synagog and Temple and I believe you could correct that errant information on your site, it is very misleading.

    Irving Friedman
    Temple Anshei Shalom
    Delray Beach, Florida

    • Thank you for the clarification. Conservative is very small in South Africa and I am not too familiar with Conservative practices.

  7. Are they part of Benny Hinn’s religion and what about Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability? Anything to expose about that.

    The books should be opened and everyone held accountable!

    OOPS, sounds like something from the bible doesn’t it. LOL ROFLOL

    Please answer a.s.a.p.

    • Not to my knowledge. I have never heard of them being associated with Benny Hinn- it doesn’t mean they are not, just that if they are I have never heard of the connection.

  8. annonymous permalink

    The Talmud often refers to a type of person called an Am HaAretz, or ignoramus. Were these people basically good Jews who had much yiras shamayim and just lacked experise in a few halachot, or were they apostates?

    • An am haaretz was an ignoramus, somebody uneducated who did not the laws of Judaism and was thus not trusted to be knowledgeable in them. They were not apostates or converts to another religion- just those that had never learnt. On the other hand a kofer b’Torah (apikoros in Aramaic- apostate in English) is somebody knowledgeable in Torah who goes against it. However, once an am haaretz moves from just not knowing the law and thus not doing it- to actively taking on the the beliefs and methods of worship of another rleigion, they are considered to be an apostate and are amongst those that lose their place in th eworld to come just as much as with a kofer b’Torah.

  9. randy permalink

    Why did you insult our temple president Irv Friedman by calling him a multiple account user? Mr. Friedman is a man of honor to be respected.

    He looked at the answer about Conservative Temples not Synagogues and was highly ofended at your insolence.

    • I did not call Irv Friedman a multi-account abuser- YOU on the other hand seem to have many names:

      So the question is: what did you hope to gain with your false accusations? And what did you hope to achieve by utilising multiple IDs when you have been warned that IP addresses are attached to every comment? If you deny this- then I will post the proof. If you wish to retain your privacy and not have your IP revealed, just accept you have been caught out!

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