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Question from Damian

June 7, 2010

I cant comment on this blog yet I have to look around. I read the other side of the coin on RPP now I would like yours.

Did you make any mistakes when 1st opening this site that u would have changed given a 2nd chance?

Another religion can be a touchy subject. This idea is a good one if done in the right way. That may have been what RPP was leting you know.

So again would you have done ANYTHING in a different way to keep your picture and negative review off RPP?

Would I change anything? Nope- all that RPP’s attempts to mitigate the damage done by this blog has done has been to drive more traffic my way. I couldn’t have asked for better advertising!

As for the topic of another religion- this blog is not about “messianic judaism”. Quite frankly I don’t care what other people believe. This blog is about deceit, lies and misrepresentation in the name of religion. It is about the underhand tactics used by members of “messianic judaism” in trying to attack and block people that disagree with them. The simple reality is that if the “messianic jews” on Yahoo! Answers had behaved properly, if they had not attacked Jews or attempted to deceive people into thinking their answers based on Christianity were reflective of the views of normative Judaism, this blog would not exist.

In the near future I will be showing some of the disgusting personal attacks they have launched against me. A tactic they have used against many. They have tried to have people banned and reported questions which were 100% legitimate simply because they did not like the fact that the normative Jewish POV was being made and they couldn’t force their belief’s into the question. This blog is because of their behaviour, because of their attacks on Jews and Judaism. The only people “messianic jews” can blame for this blog is themselves- if they had policed their own members, told them it was not ok to attack a father through his children; that it was not ok to utilise multiple accounts to try and hide the answers of Jews, that it is not ok to use multiple accounts to vote Christian answers into the BA place on Jewish questions- this blog would not exist. If you’re upset about the existence of a blog like this- look to clean up your own house. If there was no misbehaviour, I would have nothing to report!

  1. Mr. Kramer permalink

    You must be very very hard on your own children if you think the screendumps here are shocking.

    You are a cruel taskmaster.

    • And there we go- attempting to attack me by insulting my relationship with my children! How very unsurprising for someone trying to defend “messianic jews”

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