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June 7, 2010

Do you ever pray for Messianics that they will return to what you feel is thr truth. How much does prayer play into this? Is praying for them to return to a mainstream braich of Judaism against Talmud?

Everyday we pray for the spiritual and physical health of the entire nation of Israel. Jews do not see themselves as individuals, but as a community, a community where we are all responsible for each other. There is a statement in the Talmud in masechta shavuos “Kol Yosrael Arazim zeh la zeh”- “All of Israel is responsible one for another”. The lesson is simple- when a Jew falls out, when they are lost to us because they have converted to another religion, the entire nation is wounded, the entire nation is hurt, the entire nation has failed in its duties towards that person. So of course we want them to return and hope and pray that such a person will repent and return to Judaism.

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