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Tactic: When all else fails- insult!

June 9, 2010

Yes, as childish as this seems, it is an extremely common measure resorted to by the “messianic jews” on Yahoo! Answers. Their desperation and frustration with a specific poster can be measured by how many ids dive in to insult the person, and how vile the insults they use are. Nothing is considered too ow for them, as long as they think it will upset the person, they will use it. Below is just some of their choice insults to show how low they will go in their attempts to try and silence opposition. What is amazing about this is that by now it should be obvious that such tactics do not silence anyone, if anything, it raises the level opposition and leads people to persevere more. It also seems that the people throwing around such insults don’t realise how it reflects on them- just as they don’t realise how the typical internet users reaction to spam is one of disgust.

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  1. Dovid permalink

    Wow, and they seriously think its fine to make comments like this? Is this practice widespread amongst them or are these unique examples?

    • They don’t just seem to think it is OK, they seem to take great pride in them! It is definitely a common tactic and utilised on a regular basis. These are by no means unique and are just a few of the many personal attacks they have launched against Jews that oppose them! Probably one of the lowest depths they have sunk to was when they mocked a disabled USA war veteran because of her disability! Sadly, I did not save a screen shot of that or else it would have been put up with these. Who mocks disabled because of their disabilities?

  2. Joseph permalink

    It is the internet, what do you expect!!

    • Well Joseph, when people are claiming to be representing a religion, one would expect, perhaps, a bit more decorum? Yes, it is common to insult other people on the itnternet- yet most people manage to refrain from attacking people for their marital status, attacking parents through their children etc. even on the internet, most people have limits and areas they do not go- it would seem that such restraint is not the hallmark of “messianic jews”

      • Joseph permalink

        Well Joseph, when people are claiming to be representing a religion, one would expect, perhaps, a bit more decorum? Yes, it is common to insult other people on the itnternet- yet most people manage to refrain from attacking people for their marital status, attacking parents through their children etc. even on the internet, most people have limits and areas they do not go


        it would seem that such restraint is not the hallmark of “messianic jews”

        For some, sure.

  3. Joseph permalink

    Okay I’ve just read through some of those comments again and I take your point.

  4. israel permalink

    Could it be that you are blowing this out of proportion? Just maybe?

    • Or maybe not… It’s all relative to what you want to male of it, pbviously I do not think I have blown things out of proportion- I actually think I am being relatively mild at this point in time

  5. PufftheMagicDragon permalink

    I have a problem. My father hasn’t spoken to me in ten years because I left Orthodox to become a wizard. He says it is outside the norms of Social Behaviour.

    I believe Once a Jew Always a Jew. I do not feel I an worshiping idols by practicing wizardry. I study levitation and can levitate an ring out of a sink drain. Since the past ten years haven’t been as fruitful as I would have liked, that’s it for now.

    Back to my father. Have I been expelled by the Jews for being a Wizzard? Can I be burried in a Jewish Cemetery?

  6. permalink

    I live in Salt Lake City Utah. I believe a messianic came to my door desguised as a Mormon – with the entire garb wite shirt and dark pants. I was on to them though!

    I thought you might want this info to add to the collection on your site. I can even send the picture I took on my i-phone. You could post it here with the rest.

    Consider me your friend. If ever in Salt Lake City email me and we can do lunch.

    • It could well have been- “messianic” missionaries have even started a similar tactic aimed at Muslims! However, while I appreciate the offer of the photo, I have no intention of hosting such pictures on this site. I will only show pictures and/or avatars that have been placed in the public domain and are already freely available on the Internet

  7. Yehudi permalink

    Pathetic! LOL!!

  8. Yehudi permalink

    No, numb nuts, YOU are pathetic! Your feelings are hurt so you’re boohooing to the internet about it! Aren’t you able to man up? Do you live in your parent’s basement?

    You’re pathetic!

    • I thank Yehudi for demonstrating his inability to converse without the use of expletives. One would think that on a post about the usage of unnecessary insults, someone would have the intelligence not to prove the point by indulging in such behaviour. Clearly my expectation of intelligent behaviour was unfounded

  9. James permalink

    You are one sick dude, thinking “something might happen” and hiding emails all around town in folders.

    You’ve shown nothing but mental disfunction, here, there and everywhere. This joke of a site with fabricated questions is pathetic.

    As I’ve mentioned before, you need Yeshua or you’re headed for the funnyfarm. Your behavior is on a downward spiral — you’re the only one blind to that.


    • You know- you would think that after being caught out utilising multiple IDs a person would have more sense than to continue using the same tactic. What we see here is how the multiple ID abuser decides to use yet another ID to issue another round of insults! I guess he/she was so busy trying to think up this lastest round of insults that he/she forgot to go through one of the IP hiding websites he/she has been using lately! Yes guys, I see the referring website and I can see people who connect through websites that fake their IP addresses; not to mention that Arin generally picks up fake IP addresses and marks them as IP proxies!

      Of course, “James”, “Ginger”, “Alana”, Philomena”, “Damian” or any of the other previous IDs from the same IP cab try to claim innocence- but then I will post the proof and they will be responsible for the fact that their IP is being shown to the world!

  10. Yehudi permalink

    Face it, you’re a paranoid schizo who should have supervision when using a computer. Messianic Jews don’t go door-to-door, nor do they proselytize. Call me whatever you like, but you’re vapid.

    • There we go, right on cue Yehudi starts attacking again LOL Seems she is uncomfortable with the actions of her fellow “messianic jews” and has to live in denial of the actions of her coreligionists! After all, the person going around the Norwood Mall on Johannesburg dressd as a religious Jew and wanting to bless children in the name of “Yeshua HaMashiach” ws not a “messianic jew” then! LOL

  11. Joseph permalink

    “Must be from birth dropped on his head”

    This is an inexcusable comment, insulting to disabled people more than it is necessarily an insult to the person adressed. No-one has a right to make snidey comments about his marital status either.

    Now, what did you say to wind them up? 😉

    • What did I say? I insisted on pointing out that ‘messianic jews” are NOT Jewish and are merely a Christian sect.

      • Joseph permalink

        Yeah but Christianity was a Jewish sect in the first place, if you’re a Christian who is halachically Jewish then there’s no problem with saying you’re a Messianic Jew surely.

      • Its a matter of honesty- the two religions separated 2000 years ago! Someone who believes in Jesus is a Christian and is not Jewish. every Jewish group has the same official stance when it comes to “messianic jews”- they are not Jewish. Any person that is a member of “messianic judaism” and is halachicly Jewish, has forfeited their right to identify with the Jewish community until such time as they do teshuvah (repent) and leave behind all vestiges of the foreign worship they have introduced into their beliefs. Judaism and Christianity are NOT compatable, and until such time as a someone that was formerly Jewish repents, they are 100% Christian and have nothing to do with the Jewish community in any fashion whatsoever

  12. Yehudi permalink

    1. I’m not “she.”
    2. I’m not uncomfortable with my fellow Messianics
    3. Your paranoia is monumental and should be documented in the South Africa Mental Health Journal!


    • I thank Yehudi for showing his inability to hold a discussion without throwing around insults. His behaviour is a great illustration of the behaviour being highlighted in this post.

      My apologies for the gender mistake though- hey, it was a 50/50 call! LOL

  13. Yehudi permalink

    And you think that saying Messianic Jews aren’t Jews? Surely you live in a one-way world where you are the only person who is right. Your ex-wife must feel that way, as do your former children.

    Wake up, dude, you’re dead wrong and the world sees that about you. Just the fact that you’ve created this website displays your paranoid hysteria! LOL!!

    Man up, kid!

    • Once again I thank Yehudi for demonstrating the exact behaviour this thread is highlighting! Its always wonderful when you have somebody proving your point for you since they have no idea of what appropriate behaviour is and when they should control themselves!

    • EVERY Jewish organisation says “messianic jews” are not Jewish! No Jewish organisation accepts them as anything but Christian missionaries. Whats funny is “messianic jews” trying to pretend that they are accepted by jews as if there is anybody foolish enough to believe that lie!

      Abd, of course, Yehudi just continues to display the exact behaviour being discussed on this thread! Amazing how he is unable to control his inappropriate behaviour and comments even when it is such a sterling example of behaviour that leads to criticism of the religion he is trying to promote!

  14. Yehudi permalink

    You simply can’t expect to insult hundreds of thousands of Messianic Jews, then not expect a few to fly YOUR way!

    You must be totally delusional! LOL!!

    • Ah, the justification for his inappropriate behaviour: I don’t like what you have to say! LOL Shame, you would think that he could find a more mature way to react without resorting to behaviour that reflects so badly on the religion he is trying to defend (when it is being criticised due to the exact behaviour he is continuing to resort to!)

  15. Nazi like control over your pathetic blog, eh? Well it’s what you do so good luck with that.

    • Hey,criticise all you like! LOL Just what are you objecting to, the fact that I have stated that I will not allow plagiarised material to be posted here? Hmm, you are aware that plagiarising material and not crediting it is a copyright violation and is thus illegal? What you object to me stating that this blog will be run ethically and legally? LOL

      Or is it the revealing of the usage of multiple IDs that h as you so upset? Hey- unlike the “messianc jewish” website attacking me- I have not published anyones IP address- as stated, unless they deny it and force me to show it, I will respect their privacy. A very different scenario to the “messianic jewish” website attacking me and posting as much about me as they can! I leave the dirty tricks and unethical behaviour to “messianic jews”!

  16. I plagiarized nothing. I pointed out that you are a poor pathetic individual with a lame blog.
    And you deleted my first two posts because this is your Nazi blog and you have control over what gets posted and what does not.
    You offer this lame blog as a platform for your warped views, yet you control others views and statements. You are just like the “lame stream media”.
    Please feel free to post my ISP all you want. Like that will suppress my freedom of speech.
    Like I have already said, “good luck with that”.

    • I didn’t say YOU plagiarised- I said I maintain control due to a lot of plagiarism in people trying to block real discussion here. I also cut out the truly crude insults and revolting posts that people make because they think that way they can get a reaction. You want to post somewhere its unmoderated- feel free.

      And in case you haven’t noticed- as yet I have not posted anyones private details since. Its simple-people get caught out using multiple IDs to post they can either just accept they have been caught or have their details posted. To date, no one has challenged me thus no ones details have been posted. The only site that seems keen to post peoples private details is RPP- hardly surprising for a website run by “messianic jews”, its not liek people expect ethical behaviour from them anyway!

  17. I see that my and anyone’s post is subject to; “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    You being the “moderator” gives you a real power trip, eh?
    Suppress free speech as you will Adolph.

    • If you don’t like being on a moderated board- go elsewhere, no one is forcing you to be here! And I note your inability to hold a discusion without throwing around insults! Heh, it really is difficult for some people to moderate their behaviour- even when on a post discussing resorting to insults when they are incapable of coming up with a coherent response LOL

  18. Yehudi permalink

    What a yammering fool you are. Take down your pathetic blog and go hide. The world sees you for what you are – a lunatic.

    • Once again I thank Yehudi for demonstrating his love of insults and inability to communicate without them! Thank you for giving such a wonderful example of what this post was about!

  19. Jewsonfirst permalink

    You refer to our missions as a clandestine operation? Most Missionaries to the Jews are quite proud of what they’re doing and act within the law.

    Actually G-d’s word speaks for itself, thus Messianic Judaism is growing at an amazing rate even where you are located.

    I’m a Missionary to the Jews, let the world know. You’re the only one saying we we won’t say we’re missionaries. Maybe someday you too will know Yeshua and have a positive change in your life too.

    Usually they’re correctly called “Missions to the Jews”. That’s how I came to know Yeshua, G-d bless them all!

    • So, you didn’t take a look at the comment I linked to here then? How about the comment on the post about this website on the “messianic jewish” blog which complains about it? Heh, or the multiple times that “messianic jews” have stated on Yahoo! Answers that “messianic judaism” is not involved in missionary work? I’m imagining all of those? Sadly- while undoubtedly there are honest people in the movement that admit that ‘messianic judaism” is a missionary organisation- many try to attack the real Jewish community saying we deliberately misrepresent that and just refuse to talk to them- or we would know they ar enot missionaries. If you are honest- great, you don’t use this tactic and you should work on getting your co-religionsists to share the same sense of honesty that you display!

      As for ever joining your religion- sorry, unless I suffer severe head injury and forget everything I know about Judaism, I will not be changing to a religion that directly contradicts what the Torah teaches and wold render me an apikoros and to suffer the fate of kares when I die and face the Beis Din shel Maleh!

  20. here’s the thing about jews. they’re a family, all descended from isaac. and they’ve been expecting the messiah to either be born among them or come in the clouds–moshiach ben joseph or moshiach ben david–for millenia. some members of the family believe moshiach ben joseph has already come and still await moshiach ben david. other members don’t. the debate gets particularly nasty on both sides–neither side has a monopoly on puerile behavior.

    the non-messianic side has decided to kick the messianics out of the family. the black sheep messianics disagree, and some of them particularly resent it. it’s a family feud, and emotions run high on both sides, because jews are passionate. they’re wrong to call you names, and you’re wrong to demonize them for a doctrinal disagreement and to believe you can just magically revoke family status. i don’t know if you’re fair-minded enough to post this or not, but there’s no denying it. not that you won’t give it a jab, i’m sure. jews love a challenge.

    • I’m sorry, but clearly you have no real understanding of the issues involved here. “messainic judaism” is a complete abrogation of Judaism- it is not a mere doctrinal interpretation we differ on- there adoption of a foreign religion is completely contrary to Judaism and places in the category of those who lose their place in the world to come. Your lack of understanding of the issues is highlighted in the fact that you obviously have no idea of the role of “mashiach ben Yosef” vs “mashiach ben david”, the tiome frames involved or the conditions and actions each are required to do. Go learn what Jews actually believe before posting nonsense which just displays your ignorance.

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