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Tactic: Claiming to want peace while attacking under other IDs

July 19, 2010

So, how does this one work? Simple- you post in the comments section you want peace- and follow it up with a PM to the person sending them there so they can see how much you want peace. But, at the same time- you continue your attacks on Jews and Judaism using a different Yahoo account. Now, ostensibly, this should not be able to be picked up- since there is nothing to link the various accounts. In the past, while knowing what has happened, I have not been able to prove anything- but it seems in the attempt to justify themselves, this time round someting went wrong and the tactic can now be clearly illustarted. So- let us see how what happens when you get it wrong:
First the comments calling for peace with an apology

Appology first

Then the PM

And there is where things went wrong. Clearly Adelphi/Yeshua was not paying attention to what they were doing and sent the PM from the wrong account. So- in response to her apology I pointed out the falsity of posting apologies in one account while attacking with another; and we get the following comments from Yeshua (including his permission to post his emails):

As well as his threat sent via email for daring to say he and adelphi are the same account:

Now we will see them trying to bluster their way out of this one. Another round of spam to here? More attempts to get me banned from Yahoo! Answers? Heh maybe it ill be more fake lawyers or legal letters.

ADDENUM: I am receiving emails from peopel claiming that i am lying and that these people are not “messianic jews”- well, here is a screenshot from Adelphi stating very clearly that she is a “messianic jew”

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  1. Dovid permalink

    ?זה באמת This must be one of the most incompetent attacks I have seen launched across the net. It cannot be that difficult to keep track of what account you are using when posting from, unless they really have so many accounts, or have multiple accounts open simultaneously and just lost track of which window they were in.

    • Hey, I didn’t say I would necessarily be exposing competent tactics- just that I would be exposing tactics! LOL On a more serious note though; In the past this tactic has been used to try and make the Jewish posters look bad. You know “hey, look, we’re all forgiving and the Jews just want to fight.” In the past, they haven’t messed up like they have here. Luckily, this time they did mess up- and I used the window of opportunity to make this post. Undoubtedly some of the comments will disappear, the questions will be reported to try and make them disappear and then they will try to pretend it never happened (and call anyone mentioning it a liar). So, thus my quick action in grabbing the screenshot and posting this so soon after the event- I didn’t want the evidence disappearing before I had a chance to document it all

  2. Private permalink

    I read your blog. No opinion. But I have a comment. If you do a web searchon ?זה באמת which is above, it connects you to a porn site of a man in the shower shaving his privates.

    • Amazing what people will use as keywords isn’t it? Since you clearly do not understand Hebrew- ‘?זה באמת” Means- “this is true/real?” its a term of increduility or amazement. Hmm, and looking at the google results on the term- there is nothing pornographic. Unless you are referring to the rather amusing ad for Gilette Fusion razors LOL

  3. Private permalink

    I searched the IDs on Yahoo Answers..Can’t find one that even discusses Messianic Judaism by either poster..Neither did I find one where they attacked Judaism no antisemetism. and I know how to locate all kinds of stuff.

    This is the internet..most comments I read were personal not religious one in any way..Do you have any where Jews are being attacked for their beliefs..Id be interested in that more.

    • Evidently you don’t know enough! LOL Especially when it comes to Yahoo Answers where people tend to keep their most vitriolic statements in the comments section which does not appear in any search results. But don’t worry- I’ll posting some of the anti-Semitic stuff in future posts. as the Israeli’s say Savlanut! There- now you can google סבלנות

      Heh, and do continue to use your ID where you identified yourself as a missionary- it was “Jews on first” if you’ve forgotten LOL

  4. Personal permalink

    I searched the term in Hebrew above on Google.It absolutely has a man with his penis in his hand.Kids here are under 18. Remove this please. Thank Jewson first for bringing this to our attention.

    • Shame- it appears you suffer from a humour deficiency! Its an advert for the Gilette Fusion Razor- and its a FAKE penis he holds, pretending to have cut it off due to the sharp, smooth close shave the razor gives. Really- learn some Hebrew and you’ll be able to follow along instead of coming to ridiculous conclusions with no basis in reality. LOL

      Note: all further attempts to spam this blog with complaints about a YOU tube video will be trashed. I do not control either YOU Tube or what results a google search will return.

  5. Yehudi permalink

    It’s absolutely incredible that ALLONYOAV can manufacture crap like he does! LOL!! Like Shakespeare would have said, it’s much ado about NOTHING.

  6. Yehudi permalink

    Adelphi sent you NOTHING about what you’re referring to, moron! Wake the hell up and smell the coffee – and get it out of others faith. You’ll be a happier person and look a lot less crazy to the whole world! LOL!!

    • Heh- seems that Yehudi is in denial. Can’t bear to see the truth about his heroes being made public LOL Ah well,cognitive dissonance can’t be easy to live with so we’ll let Yehudi rave on in his corner

      • Yehudi seems to think that his posting multiple comments whose sole purpose seems to be his ability to post one line insults is going to be let through to spam here. Sadly for him, I don’t see any point in letting his one line insults through to spam here- so we’ll let him rant on, only I won’t be subjecting the readers of this blog to his valueless rants.

  7. Yehudi permalink

    You poor, poor deluded soul . . .

    • Just a sample of the meaningless one line posts Yehudi has been spamming the blog with. This sample should make it obvious why they are being trashed.

  8. Dovid permalink

    Are these people into own goals? I have never seen you make an accusation you cannot back up- and the only response they seem to offer to your facts is to behave in the way you accuse them of behaving. Insults, accusing you of lying, trying to misrepresent themselves etc. I don’t know why you don’t post the link- but people should see the lengths Adelphi is going to in Yahoo! Answers to try and claim she isn’t a messianic Jew despite comments like the one you have publicized here:–&paid=add_comment#openions

    Anyone following the link- just click on the comments link and see Adelphi’s convoluted attempts to deny what she has said in the past

    • The reason he/she is trying so hard, is probably because he/she has forgotten half the comments and claims he/she has made under her various IDs. In this post he/she has mistakenly shown two different IDs- and thus why I don;t know what pronoun to use- one is male, the other female. He/she has various other IDs as well- but without concrete proof linking them, I won’t post those here. Undoubtedly, similar mistakes will be made in the future and we will be able to add to the roster of alternative IDs. Its similar to the person who tried to spam here with over 20 IDs- different genders, affiliations, ages, locations etc. In the end, they were revealed since they were unaware of the fact that wordpress captures IP addresses. Sadly, this kind of ID merry-go-round is normal for the “messianic jews” on Yahoo! Answers.

  9. Yehudi permalink

    Dovid, you are no more aware of the sick accusations that Marc makes of Messianic Jews and Messianic believers than he is. You’re just as deluded and in need of psychiatric help – get it, quickly!

    • As can be seen- the insults from Yehudi fly fast at anyone who dares to speak out against his cult. Yes, Yehudi is determined to prove that he is incapable of an exchange without resorting to insults in desperation when words fail him. Of course I am aware of the accusations I make against “messianic jews”. I am fully aware of everything I type and say. Poor Yehudi just can’t face the reality that people see though his cult and are willing to publicise what they think of it!

  10. Adelphi permalink

    Dovid & Mark L,

    I doubt your mental states and spiritual condition. Does that come as a surprise to you? I\’m only one of many who do.

    Let\’s settle the issue of if I\’m Messianic or Christian. For nearly a year now, Marc L has accused me of \”lies, misrepresentations and deceit\” unjustly. That\’s the least of the insults I\’ve been subjected to. The very least. I do not proselitize on Yahoo Answers, I have never encouraged anyone there to be either Messianic or Christian.

    As I commented over 2 months ago on Yahoo Answers \”Not many here know if I\’m Christian (Catholic), Messianic, or SDA. So generally they make a broad statement.\”

    As a rule, I only commented once or twice about being Messianic. However, I posted dozens of times that I was Christian. This should not have been offensive to Marc L., since he loves to call Messianic Judaism a \”cult\”, one of many degrading descriptions – on a regular basis. Marc will readily quip \”Messianics are Christians\”.

    As the link you posted, Dovid, shows — I have had extensive fellowship with Messianic Communities. When there, I am referred to as a Messianic Jew, and I qualify to be one. Generally, I refer to myself as \”Christian\”.

    That dear Dovid, is quite different from your claim of \”the lengths [I] Adelphi is going to in Yahoo! Answers to try and claim she isn’t a messianic Jew despite comments like the one you have publicized here.\”

    If you want to include me as a messianic because of \’nonsensical\’ evidance Marc L. posts like \”we\”, \”us\” or even my quote \”I a Messianic Jew\”…then consider me a Messianic Jew! Why is that scandalous?

    Messianic Jews believe in Yeshua. I generally call him Jesus. Messianic Jews generally attend Messianic Congregations, I attend a Church. If I lived in an area where there was a Messianic Congregation, I\’d probably go there. However, I\’m in a \’G-d forsaken\’ area and am lucky to have a good Church to attend!

    So call me Christian, call me Messianic, call me Catholic, call me Baptist, call me Presbyterian, call me Methodist — we are all under the umbrella of Christianity. I\’ve been an attendee and sometimes a \”Member\” of each one above.

    Surprise! I also go to Temple, a Reform one. My husband is Jewish, so that complicates things a bit more for you doesn\’t it? Wherever God is, I am comfortable.

    Am I sympathetic to the Messianic cause? Absolutely! I never hid that, I\’m proud of that. Do I proselytize? No. If someone asks, I will tell them my spiritual experience(s), but not unless they ask. Do I support Messianic Judaism financially? Yes. Do I also support Hatzala Yehuda and Shomron? The Gush Etzion Foundation? Regularly.

    In many ways I am more of a well rounded person spiritually than either of you two. I\’ve seen the best and worst in all religions, except Islam which for personal reasons I have no interest in!

    Ever hear of Ona’at D’varim? It\’s forbidden. All of us, and others on Y/A are guilty of it. It\’s in the Talmud that humiliating another in public is similar to murder. I\’ve tried to stop this, as others have, by offering peace and even appologies! They were turned down.

    So much like Israel, I am rarely offensive but definitely defensive. Attack me and you\’ll be attacked. Unfortunately that may be a fault, other times it is survival. I was singel many, many years and it saved my life many times.

    So you may talk of other IDs. I\’ve been accused of them, so has Marc C. Only God knows. HOWEVER, I do know \’that\’ is not a priority to having the heart of a Christian or Jew (or even Messianic) in front of Hashem. Somewhere, the priorities of spiritual life have become 2nd place. Our behavior speaks louder than our words.

    Notice, I am not excluding myself from any of the above. I\’ll stand before the Lord as you will at some time or other. I really do not think he\’ll judge us on our wise-cracks, but on our behavior that should bring honor to Him.

    In closing, I learned much about relating to Jews, Christians and Messianics, Budhists, Atheists ( since coming here 4 years ago. I am not the same person. Every day I try to conform to the ideals I aspire to. Sometimes I fail miserably.

    That, Dovid and Marc L. should not be the negatives we focus on, we \’should\’ be drawing from each others strengths.

    So if a \’man on the street\’ asked what my religion is, I\’d say \”Christian\”, as I have so many times on the Y/A questions and answers.

    When I am sometimes (unfortunately) in the hospital, and they ask what my religion is, I say \”Christian\”. I serve Yeshua, or Jesus, either name is fine with me. I\’ve even been prayed for by a Rabbi when I was in NY\’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I\’ve also been remembered at my Uncle\’s temple with the Mi she-berakh prayer.

    What I would like to see is more peace on the Y/A. Forgive me my faults, I apologize for those yesterday, today and tomorrow. God isn\’t finished with me yet.


    • Adelphi writes a long rant about how innocent she is- and yet somehow manages to miss the point that she PROVED she was Yeshua when she sent that mail to me! LOL

      So lets see what she actually writes:

      I doubt your mental states and spiritual condition. Does that come as a surprise to you? I\’m only one of many who do.

      Unsurprisingly, she starts off with an insult- hey, it is Adelphi we are talking about!

      As I commented over 2 months ago on Yahoo Answers \”Not many here know if I\’m Christian (Catholic), Messianic, or SDA. So generally they make a broad statement.\”

      And yet three months ago she made an unequivocal statement that she is a “messianic jew”, 2 months ago she wrote that she “maintains her Jewishness” (the screen shot on the “Tactic:When all else fails- insult!” post. So, her making a statement two months ago is hardly evidence of anything considering multiple statements she made in the same time frame contradicting that statement!

      Ever hear of Ona’at D’varim? It\’s forbidden.

      And then she tries her hand at using Judaism to support herself. Of course, this is one of the more disgusting behaviours of the “messianic jews”- misusing and misquoting Torah to try and support themselves. What make it even more disgusting in the case of adelphi is how she has attacked the Talmud in the past, linking to hate sites attacking the Talmud and Judaism- as she did in this answer:
      Of course, what she also fails to mention is that every Jewish source agrees that Ona’at D’varim and lashon hara do not apply in the case of people trying to convert Jews or those attacking Judaism- since she is part of a missionary cult, and as the link above shows (more will be shown in a later post) an attacker of Judaism, there is no issue in embarrassing her publicly- especially not when publicising her actions in attacking Judaism!

      So, Adelphi, you can take your empty apologies and crawl back under your rock. When you are ready to make a proper apology, come back. When you are ready to apologise for your usage of multiple accounts- and name those accounts, when you apologise for your hate mongering and using of hate sites to attack Judaism, when you are ready to apologise for lying about what you are, when you are ready to apologise for your lies about me- in other words, when you make an apology and not an empty little rant with nothing more to it than an attempt to try and wriggle out of the hole you have dug for yourself by being caught out and not wanting to actually apologise, come back. Until then, you are nothing more than yet another anti-Semite posting links to hate sites!

  11. Yehudi permalink

    You call a major belief system of the one true God of the universe a cult? Wow! You’re taking on GOD and you thumb your nose at him all the while! You’re one brave moron! LMAO!!!

    • And of course Yehudi can’t help himself- just as with all his comnents, he feels compelled to include an insult! Heh, what would a post from Yehudi be without an insult? We would have to suspect an imposter! LO

      Since when is “messianic judaism”a major system of belief? LOL Its definitely not part of Judaism, and its adherents claim its not Christianity- therefore it must be a religion all of its own! And it would be a wild imagination that would claim “messianic judaism” is a major belief ROFLOL You know, maybe you want to join the Church of Scientology in claiming that you are the fastest growing religion in the world. Heh- the considering the number of times the “messianic jews” on Yahoo! Answers and my blog have tried to threaten me with legal action you already appear to be copying them in that! Hmm, come to think of it- a “messianic jew’ already tried to claim that it was the fastest growing religion in South Africa- heh, maybe Yehudi wants to up the ante to compete with the church of Scientology!

      • LaurieJ permalink

        Since you brought up the topic, YOU HAVE THE CHUTZPAH NOT TO MENTION YOU WERE A MEMBER OF THE “CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY” yourself for years?

        Come on Allonyoav, you-self righteous hypocrite

        Come on Allonyoav. Seems you still havent recovered from that “CULT of SCIENTOLOGY” and their & their lies, deceit and mispresentations?

        Shall I post the proof?

      • No, I was NOT a member for “years”- more around 13 or 14 months… And anyone familiar with my postings on Yahoo! Answers would have seen me stating that I had been a member of the Church of Scientology. They would also have seen me post that I went through a stage where I read a lot of different books and investigated many different faiths- including Christianity, Islam, Theosophy, Scientology, Budhism, Hinduism and Bahai. What can I say- I was lucky enough to be friends with someone studying in Yeshivah at the time and studied with him for a while- thank G-d! Who knows where I would have ended up but for that.

        However, none of this is relevant here so I have not mentioned it- after all, it was nearly 20 years ago now that any of this applied. Do feel free to pint out how something from 20 years ago is relevant now in a discussion of people hiding their IDs and pretending to be something they are not! LOL

        Oh wait, this is another of the straws you need to clutch at since you really have no arguments to defend the behaviour thus you feel the need to go on the attack!

        note; For those interested, here is a link to a question on Yahoo! Answers from 2 weeks ago where I stated that I had been a member of the Church of Scientology. heh, I don’t need to hide it- I use it as one more experience that I learnt and grew from and thus am able to use to to good effect now. (Like being able to compare the antics and tactics of the “messianic jews” to the Church of Scientology. See, even negative parts of your life can be used to teach and produce positive effects! LOL);_ylt=Aoo1cADR4bbvFv7CRYct3fHty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100711132415AAZiAuZ&show=7#profile-info-3L7ohOJWaa

  12. laurieJ permalink

    You flaming hypocrite! As someone above said you have a witch hunt going for Adelphi who refers to themself as a “Messianic” infrequently, calling her a “member of a CULT”, a “liar, deceiver and misrepresenter”, without any compassion?

    You WERE a member for years. You are lying!

    Of all the low life double-faced Bog-bot from Hell.

    G-d have mercy on your double faced behavior and sin sick soul. Of all people to talk.

    Did your “friend” talk to you like you talked to Adelphi?

    You are a disgrace to the Judaism and a failure as a human being when it comes to truthfulness, compassion and understanding.

    • Heh, I had to let this comment through- it just highlights so beautifully how desperate the “messianic jews” get when their latest scheme to discredit me implodes in their face. I suppose she thought it was going to be a huge revelation: Wow, he used to be a member of the Church of scientology! Only to have me say, so what? I have never denied it and here is me making that exact statement!

      What Laurie fails to get is that it was 20 or so years ago. In that time I have gone from being a non-observant Jew to being an observant one- and my time as a member of a cult has taught me to recognise, and to combat, similar movements. heh, of course she sits there going on about how i was a member for years. Somehow Laurie thinks she knows the history of my life better than me LOL

      But we will just pity her and let her rant on- after all, she has to learn to deal with the dissapointment of yet another attack on me failing miseraby ROFLOL

  13. laurieJ permalink

    Allonyoav, still dishing out hateful remarks. Did that snatch you from that debased cult SCIENTOLOGY?

    You know there was a book by Robert Schuller a minister of the Reformed christian Church. There were two brothers. One became a lawyer. One ended up as a homeless bum in the gutter. Schuller asked each one “how did you end up where you were?” The lawyer said “My father was an alcholiic and i didn’t want to be like him”.

    The alcoholic brother said “my father was an alcoholic and I became like him”. See here, one used the experience to be better – the other used the excuse to be come worse.

    HYPOCRITE – your experience with SCIENTOLOGY made you worse!

    • Heh- Laurie really is struggling to make her attempt at slandering me worth something! LOL Shame, she doesn’t realise how bad she is making herself look in her attempts to continue to try and attack me for something from 20 years ago.

      Heh, what she also doesn’t seem to realise that the ‘how to deal with the public technology”, and the “dealing with critics tech” is only taught to staff- which I never was. Others just get told to avoid the SPs (suppresive person/people- their term for those that are enemies of Scientology and are out to stop them from doing their good work) and the internet. The Church doesn’t want people questioning too much. But hey- facts clearly are not Laurie’s strong suit; trying to find some way to attack me clearly isn’t her strong suit either! ROFLOL

  14. Don’t waste your time on a man/woman, who isn’t willing to waste their time on you.

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