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Tactic: Anti-Semitic attacks on Judaism to justify “messianic judaism”

July 28, 2010

One of the more disgusting tactics used by the “messianic jews” is the usage of anti-Semitic material and ideas in order to attack Jews and Judaism. This can be the linking to anti-Semitic hate sites as will be shown in posts by Adelphi below, making anti-Semitic posts (an example from Shay below) and using historical revisionism to attack Jews (example from DSM below). Yes- from people claiming to be Jews we get blatant anti-Semitic attacks on Jews since Jews have rejected their attempts to alter Judaism and turn it into just another sect of Christianity!

Adelphi- linking to hate site to attack the Talmud

Shay- long anti-Semitic rant- part 1

Shay- long anti-Semitic rant- part 2

DSM Historical Revisionism

DSM- Jews follow rabbis not G-d

Different version of Shay’s rant for those who can’t read the above

Shay rant against Jews pt1

Shay rant against Jews part 2

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  1. ..... permalink

    Why is the writing on the long rant above by someone called snay so miniscule? It cant be read, but it certainly is properly formatted. Who did she write it to? Can it be made bigger?

    • Sorry, it is a screenshot which I cannot get a better one of since yahoo! has deleted the question. Its why i take screenshots- due to the frequent disappearance of incriminating answers and comments. especially recently- it seems certain people are desperately trying to remove anything that could be incriminating. who syas this blog isn’t having an effect?

  2. ambivalentbittern permalink

    To get a large, readable, version of the screenshots, simply click on one. It will appear on its own, large and easily read.

    • Yep- that is correct. I thought that would have already been done. The Shay screenshots still come on my screen at a lower quality than the others. IIRC, they were taken on a different machine where screen resolution was inferior to this one.

  3. Dom permalink

    I would really like to read the post by Shay but even my magnifying glass won’t do it.

    Could you type in some of what he wrote, both good and bad, so I can make an informed decision?

    Seems fruitless to me to see a blurry screen that Photoshop couldn’t even magnify and sharpen enough for me to read it!

    Why don’t YOU translate some for us, unless you can’t read it either — in which case it shouldn’t be posted. That’s like going into a voting booth with blurry names, who would you know who you were voting for? Help please 🙂

  4. Pastor Hayes permalink

    That wasn’t a rant, and it wasn’t antisemitic. It was someone with a different opinion than yours, and expressed eloquently.

    I wish the majority of critiques I received from “annonymous” congregants against my spiritual stand were 1/2 as polite.

    I applaud their ability to express their opinion in a firm but respectful way.

    May the God of Abraham & Jacob
    Richly bless you,

    Pastor Hayes

    • Heh- did you forget I can see your IP. Question is- which one of your multiple IDs should I address you by? we’re well over the 20 mark now! heh- but just for fun- an answer for you if you were genuine! LOL You know whats funniest here? How a multiple account abuser creates yet another ID to try and exonerate anti-semitic postings

      Its amazing the way people will try to justify hatred! Shame- see, to not realise this is anti-semitism is to accept everything that is written uncritically. First he quotes a long discredited source, then he claims that Jews see themselves as superior to all humanity and seek to triumph over everyone.. Hmm, I wonder how you see that as not being anti-semitic?

      Then he claims the Talmud rails against the “goyim” animals- repeating a long held anti-Semitc lie that goyim means cattle- it doesn’t, it means nation and is used for Jews as well! But anti-Semites really bother with the truth do they? And so I could continue through his hate filled rant, but the point should have been made by now!

      Hmm, I think I can see why your congregation might critique you rudely if the statements you make there are as ill informed and inaccurate as the one you made here! Hmm, and of course one wonders why you failed to say anything about the historical revisionism and the links to hate sites… You don’t agree with these hate filled sentiments do you?

  5. Dovid permalink

    When people use discredited source to attack Judaism it means only one thing- ANTISEMITISM

    In his bile, Shay refers to the “Jewish” author Goldwin Smith. Goldwin Smith was not Jewish! He was Church of England, his mother a Hugenot. His life can be read about

    His influence on antisemitism in Canada is documented here

    I wonder how many “Messianic” Jews will continue to defend Shay’s rant knowing how it utilises the lies and opinions of a very well known antiSemite?

    • Thanks for those links. yes, lets see if our mutli-account abusing reader will continue to defend Shay’s anti-Semitism or grow a conscience and denounce it for what it is… Hmm, unless the multi-account abusing reader here is the multi-account abusing individual from Yahoo! Answers that has been featured here and Shay is yet another of his/her many IDs LOL

      Hmm- these paragraphs in the biography you pointed to are illuminating and show Smith for the racist, anti-Semitic loony he was

      Other non-Anglo-Saxon groups fared little better. Though Smith occasionally expressed sympathy for “the wild-stocks of humanity” – the people of Africa, for example – he saw no reason to lament the oppressed state of the native North American. The doomed state of the native people was not the fault of the British who “had always treated [them] with humanity and justice”; with their disappearance, “little will be lost by humanity,” he concluded callously.

      For the Jewish people, Smith reserved a special place in his catalogue of “undesirables.” The critical problem with the Jews was what Smith saw as their stubborn unwillingness to assimilate, to give up their religious beliefs and cultural practices, to become “civilized.” He regularly stereotyped them as “tribal,” “usurious,” “plutopolitans,” incapable of loyalty to their country of residence. The Talmud, the Bystander affirmed, “is a code of casuistical legalism . . . of all reactionary productions the most debased, arid, and wretched.” If the Jews would not assimilate they should be returned to their homeland. In a sentence that reeked with racist arrogance he declared that “two greater calamities perhaps have never befallen mankind than the transportation of the negro and the dispersion of the Jews.” Smith’s extreme ethnocentricity in the case of the Jewish people, as Gerald Tulchinsky has shown, can only be described as anti-Semitism.

      (Emphasis mine)

  6. D.K. permalink

    The person made an error.

    Goldwin Smith’s official Title was “Judaic Professor”.

    Clear something up for me — is this creation of yours out to condemn a few specific people or talk about Messianic Judaism constructively?

    I can’t fathom how you are doing the latter.

    Good day,


    • Really? He made an error… Heh, and his other anti-Semitic statements in his diatribe? even if he was mistaken about smith, was he also mistaken about smith when he said the “Talmud teaches Jewish superiority”? Or maybe you agree that it teaches how to treat the “goyim cattle”? Hmm, or how about his statement that Jews see themselves as being superior and want to rule over everyone? Also just an innocent mistake? How about his assertion that “Judaism comes first no matter what the consequences to others”? oh, and of course we are hated over the world due to our duplicity!

      Seriously, you want to try and defend his anti-Semitic rant? “messianic judaism” would be far better served condemning it and distancing themselves from such hate filled rants; yet it seems that instead of condemning anti-Semitism “messianic jews” are desperate to defend it!

  7. Joseph permalink

    “They found that Smith published many scathing anti-semitic articles in periodicals across the globe. He recognized that Jews have faced persecution throughout history, but claimed that they are responsible for the “repulsion” they provoke in others. Their “peculiar character and habits,” including a “preoccupation with money-making” make them “parasites” and “enemies of civilization.”

    Smith helped shape the anti-semitic politics of Canada at the time, especially through Henri Bourassa and Mackenzie King, two men who adopted many of Smith’s views and demanded that Canada keep its gates shut to Jewish immigrants. Smith proposed two possible solutions to the “Jewish problem”: assimilation or repatriation to Palestine.”

  8. physical therapist permalink

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