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Comment: The effect of this blog

August 3, 2010

Updated 4 August 2010 to include further information and examples

When I started this blog, it was mainly going to be a place to host various screenshots I needed to refer to in my posts on Yahoo! Answers. I wanted a place where it would be hosted where the administrators actually knew the law and were prepared to accept that being controversial is not illegal. That was right here on WordPress (where one of the points they make about making your blog attract traffic is to be controversial). So, when my blog took off and attracted the high volume of traffic and interest it did, i was taken by surprise. A pleasant surprise, but one nonetheless.

Its effect has also been startling. On Yahoo! Answers they allow comments on question. Only up to 100 comments are allowed, after which previous comments have to be deleted in order to allow for more. The attempts by the “messianic jews” to block this facility using spam have been documented here already. Also, the vast majority of the most viscious personal attacks tend to take place in the comments as is documented here. Recently, a new development has started up on yahoo! Answers- past questions where the comment counts were maxed out at 100 are now below that, in some cases as much as 50 or 60 comments have been removed! Why? It seems that the “messianic jews” are trying to sanitise their posts to prevent the worst of what they post appearing here! As it did in this post. LOL

Another tack they are taking is to block me from seeing all the questions posted by “messianic jews”. This has been most noticeable amongst those that have been featured here- James aka yaakov and Adelphi prominent amongst them!
Of course- if somebody else should comment they must be me, after all- if they abuse multiple accounts I must as well, right? So, I get blocked, somebody else comments- they get attacked and of course I cannot respond to the attack. the whole point of blocking me is to be able to insult me with impunity, otherwise they would be proven wrong yet again! Evidently, they feel if I am blocked, then I will not be able to document the hatred and filth they pour out against Jews. Thus you find all those questions with them defending anti-Semites and linking to hate sites are suddenly no longer viewable to me! Why block me and not just remove the questions? Simply put- here Yahoo! Answers works against them- once a question is closed the asker can no longer delete it- it has to be reported as a violation and removed by yahoo! Answers; heh, and while the Jewish posters have frequently complained that the Yahoo! Answers violation team seems exceptionally biased and is reluctant to remove blatantly anti-Semitic postings, here that bias works in our favour- the “messianic jews” may be trying to get their posts removed, but they aren’t being! So, the only way to try and prevent me from accessing them, is to block me! Of course, it is a completely useless tactic- all you have to do is log out of Yahoo! Answers and run the search and you can see everything as you are no longer the user being blocked! In my case, it gets even better since I have many contacts, and many of them make screenshots of questions I am blocked form and send them to me when I ask if anyone has them- as happened with the recent post where some could not read my screenshot- and a reader of the blog sent me their screenshot (see here)!

A third way they are trying to alter the effects of this blog is to play the victim and to make apologies if they have caused any offense in the past. One recent example of this blew up in their faces when a single person, using multiple accounts, claimed to be apologising with one account while attacking with another (in this post). The same poster is still trying to claim she was being genuine- but then, admitting they were wrong and apologising is not the string suite of the “messianic jews”!

One exception to the apology trend was Israel (who has posted comments here) who made a post on the Rosh Pina Project (a “messianic jewish” blog) attacking me. After a series of comments and replies there, he admitted his error and apologised. Evidently this was too much for the owner of the blog and the post, with all its associated comments, was quickly deleted. It was fine to host an attack on me- but allowing an apology to me to be on his blog-that was evidently too much! Similarly, an earlier post on the Rosh Pina blog attacking me was also suddenly deleted when the attacks on me got shown for how false they were and it became inconvenient for them to continue to host the lies about me! Now, the excuse for removing the later post by Israel was that he had requested them to do so since it was Lashon hara. The excuse falls flat when the second post was removed because a commentator said that it should be removed because they couldn’t talk sense to me- to which Joseph, the author and owner of the site agreed, and removed the post! Here he doesn’t even have the excuse of the author of the post asking him to remove it- he is removing it because permission was given by Lynn as she could not make me see reason and agree to their attempts of character assassination!

So, it appears this blog has been far more succesful than expected. Within Yahoo! Answers it has caused a marked change in the behaviour of the “messianic jews” (even though I received numerous private messages from them telling me how irrelevant this blog is!). In the blogsphere it also seems to have been effective and we see “messianic jewish” websites removing posts. Hmm, maybe they, too, are worried about being featured here? Never fear, if necessary both of those threads have been preserved in my archives.

ADDENDUM: I just had to post this screenshot. We have a “messianic jew” saying how he doesn’t care what I post. Adelphi, despite multiple screenshots having been posted here in which she states she is a “messianic jew” is still trying to claim she isn’t. Shame, she appears confused and unable to keep track of what she has posted- a syndrome common to those who abuse multiple accounts and forget what they have posted where.

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  1. Dovid permalink

    I find the recent spate of messianic Jews on Yahoo! Answers trying to claim your blog is insignificant and a “rag sheet” very revealing! Clearly they feel it is significant or they wouldn’t be so preoccupied with it. I also wonder if Rosh Pina removing their attacks on you is also an attempt to try and reduce the visibility of this blog. clearly they were trying to do a hatchet job on you and, when that failed, they are now doing their best to try and mitigate the damage you do to their “mission to the Jews”.

    Mazel Tov! May your blog continue to grow in strength and reach!

    • Thanks You.

      Yes- it is amusing isn’t it? Heh, I think I should post an example of how unperturbed by this blog the “messianic jews” on Yahoo! Answers are- after all, they keep insisting they aren’t LOL I guess some people don’t realise that when you insist something is unimportant- on multiple occasions- you show how important you actually feel it is!

      Yep, the sudden dearth of comments from “messianic jews” and their supporters is also probably an attempt to kill off the blog. Heh- since few comments were genuine anyway its hardly a loss- and the views/day are only slightly down so while they may not be commenting, they are still reading!

    • Joseph W permalink

      “I also wonder if Rosh Pina removing their attacks on you is also an attempt to try and reduce the visibility of this blog. clearly they were trying to do a hatchet job on you and, when that failed, they are now doing their best to try and mitigate the damage you do to their “mission to the Jews”.

      Dovid – the point of my blog post still stands: if Messianic Jews operate under different pseudonyms then so do anti-missionaries.

      However I am not willing for this post on my blog to be used so people from yahoo attacking marc have another forum, so after lynn suggested i remove the post, i thought that was a good idea.

      but of course ill prob mention Messianics Exposed in the future, as Marc is welcome to do so with RPP.

      • A simple challenge Joseph, where have I operated under a pseudonym? I am open about the fact that the “Musings of an Orthodox Jew” blog is mine, just as I have never tried to hide the fact that I am allonyoav on Yahoo! Answers.

      • Joseph permalink

        No, you havent, weve had a commenter who has before tho, who even began impersonating messianic personalities on rpp! i just meant you get people like this on both sides of the debate, not to suggest you personally have been doing this

      • Ok, fair enough. Heh, its just been one of the latest tactics on yahoo! Answers to start accusing random people of being me LOL I guess they think if they accuse enough people they might get someone to eventually believe them

  2. Joseph W permalink

    Good job!

    • I must admit to being surprised by Joseph’s post- its hardly complimentary to his site. So, Thank You Joseph

      • I should mention that in Joseph’s defense, I did personally request that he remove the post on RPP on my behalf due to lashon hara. I originally objected to the idea of posting it in the first place since it was a personal email from me to him to collect information on what I perceived were your own tactics that could be used for a future post addressing your tactics, but it instead turned into an article by itself, which came only at my approval (the back and forth “post” then “no wait, dont post because it could be construed as lashon” and then “go ahead post, it’s public at this point anyways and I really want him to respond to me” is quite extensive on that day between Joseph and myself) since if anything, it was dealing with something that was already public, and I certainly wanted to get your attention to address it. When I realized my error (both in my own tactic, and in the subject matter), I wanted to request removing the post for the original reason I objected to it in the first place: lashon hara. Again, I apologize for the error, and for the lashon hara. I will be much more patient in the future, and attempt to contact you directly first on any thing I disagree with you about that I want to address.



  3. Sylvia commerford permalink

    I dont understand, I always believed that all Jewish people had a love for one another as they are brother and sister Israelites. So if one is orthodox or one is a Messianic Jew, why the hatred towards one another. Are you not all serving the same Lord God of Israel? and what is this that if one becomes a Messianic Jew he/she is not longer Jewish. Let us suppose I became a roman catholic by changing my faith, it would not make a difference concerning my nationality, as I would still be Dutch. Just wondering when the Jewish people have suffered so much why they dont bond closer together, It is almost like saying My God is better than your God, Can there not be a dialogue between the two? best wishes Sylvia

    • since “messianic jews” are not Jewish- they are not part of the Jewish religion. Judaism isa RELIGION, not a race. The idea that Jews are a race originated with the Nazis and has never been a Jewish one! If you convert away from the Jewish religion, you cease to be a part of the Jewish religion. And in the case of “messianic jews” they have become Chrisitans and are NOT Jewish.

      Now, why should Jews embrace those trying to destroy us spiritually? Why should we embrace missionaries using lies, deceit and misrepresentation in an attempt to trick uneducated Jews into converting to Christianity? The obvious answer is that we shouldn’t- and as long as “messianic jews” behave in this disgusting fashion, there will be conflict between them and real Jews; we willnot accept Christians as Jews regardless of how they try to pretend they are Jewish through deceit and misrepresentation!

  4. I do believe that a christian who isnt Jewish cannot become Jewish, even though they believe in the Lord God of Israel. But I believe that christianity is a circumcision of the heart, so that one heart is turned to the Lord God through Christ Jesus, So a Jewish person who converts to christianity or believing in Christ as Lord and saviour, their hearts are circumcised so that the Word of God will find room in their hearts. but why can they not be called christian Jews? Actually I believe the messianic Jews may be the one spoken of in revelation, where there are 12,000 sealed of each tribe. So a true christian cannot destory anyone spiritually, as they fear the Lord God of Israel. I dont believe Jews should convert to christianity as there are so many sects some quite false but to believe in the Lord God of Israel and Christ Jesus whom He sent. Because Christ makes the Lord God of Israel known to us. God bless not the pope or any other charismatic leader.

    • Its very simple- a Jew who converts to another religion ceases to be Jewish. It states thisin the Torah in Shmot, Chapter 12 v43. Many authorities hold that a Jew who converts to another religion requires a full conversion to return to Judaism: the Rema in the Shulkjan Aruch and Rambam in Mishneh Torah are amongst these authorities. The fact that we allow Jews that converted to other religions to return without a full conversion is a modern leniency from HaRav Moshe Feinstein zs”l due to the environment and living conditions of the modern era. Thus a Jew CANNOT convert to another religion and remain a Jew. Jewish law is clear on the point, and as long as the person remains actively practising a religion other than Judaism, they are not considered Jews, and trying to claim otherwise is decet and misrepresentation. Combining this with an active missionary programme to try and entice other Jews to abandon Judaism mrans the person is a meizid (enticer) and especially hated in the Torah!

      And of course they destroy Jews spiritually. A Jew who adds the beliefs if another religion onto Jewish beliefs is one of the people that is listed in the first Mishnah of Chapter Chelek of tractate Sanhedrin in the Talmud of losing their place in the world to come. Such a person suffers the punishment of Kares unless they reprent before they die. What you don’t call having your soul cut off from G-d and the rest of Jewish people spiritual destruction?

  5. Kares only applies to very specific sins- the list is discussed in the first Mishnah of Chapter Chelek of tractate Sanhedrin in the Talmud of losing their place in the world to come that I mentioned previously. The vast majority of sins do NOT fall into this category, only the most serious ones!

    As for references to the Christian scriptures, when the events are not mentioned in any Jewish source, I discard them. The parachos tearing would have been a major event and mentioned by the Jewish authorities, yet somehow they missed it. Nor can a human being be a sacrifice- G-d made that very clear when he stopped Avraham sacrificing Yitzchak! Additionally, sacrifice has to be COMPLETELY unblemished! A scratch on the ear, a cataract starting in the eye, a nick in the tail were all that was needed to disqualify a sacrific. According to Christian scriptures, Jesus was struck by a scourge, made to wear a crown of thorns, stuck in the side with a spear and left to die of exposure on a crucifix! Every single bit of that violates every precept about sacrifices found in the Torah. Every animal sacrifice had to be killed by shechitah (cutting across the neck and severing the trachea and oesaphagus in a single unbroken back and forth motion) with the exception of the eigel arufah (the sacrifice when a dead body is found between two cities and the perpetrator of the crime is unknown) which is killed by having its neck broken! So Jesus would not have qualified as a sacrifice in any fashion whatsoever!

    As for the “order of Melchizedek”- if you read the Torah their- Melchizedek passed the priesthood to Avraham, Avraham to the entire Jewish people, and then G-d restricted it to the descendants of Aharon.

    As for needing intercession- sorry, G-d want us to talk directly to HIM! We do not use intercessionaries- in fact, that diretly contradicts the Aseret HaDibrot (Ten tterances that you probably translate as Ten comandments forgetting the other 603 commandments!) which states we must have no other gods before him. And if you understod Hebrew, you would know that the Elohim carries multiple meanings, one of which is referring to any supernatural being (such as an angel). Praying to Jesus thus directly violates this law as you ar eplacing him before G-d!

    As for the old testament notbeing able to be followed- have you ever tried? I can bet you haven’t, nor do you know anyone who has tried. And anyway, Judaism does NOT require us to be perfect, but rather to strive to improve and be better than we currently are. In fact, Judaism is very clear that no one is perfect. Moshe sinned at the Mei Merivah, Avraham sinned when he lied about Sarah to Avimelech and Pharoah; David sinned with Bat Sheva and so on. Judaism makes it clear that everyone is capable of mistakes- and that the thing to do with mistakes is to repent and not repeat them. Judaism does not advocate giving up because something is difficult, but striving harder to not repeat the same errors.

    Bottom line, Christian’s are welcome to believe whatever they like- but it isn’t Judaism. And when a Christian missionary movement practices deceit by pretending to be Jewish, by engaging in misrepresentation and a “bait and switch” scam to entice the vulnerable and uneducated to abandon Judaism- Jews WILL stand up to it and expose it for the fraud it is!

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