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Tactic: Using multiple accounts to answer your own question and award yourself “Best Answer”

August 18, 2010

On Yahoo! Answers, the questioner is expected to select a Best Answer- the answerer gets 10 extra points and supposedly this indicates a specific answer was the best match to the question asked. For obvious reasons, one of the rules on Yahoo! Answers is that you are not allowed to use multiple accounts to ask, and answer, your own question. Aside from the dishonesty involved, it is seen as “points gaming”- falsely collecting points to boost the level of your account on Yahoo! Answers.

Normally this is difficult to detect- but what people sometimes forget, is that if you alter your profile it is retroactive and changes all previous questions and answers that your profile appears in! I’ve posted about this effect before where James/Ya’akov changed from a 70 year old mother worried about her daughter into a far younger man- but here we will see something else- how a poster utilising multiple accounts for dishonesty and points gaming, changes their details and ends up answering themselves since both accounts are now identical.

So first the screen shot of the user Adelphi answering the user Adelphi and not just awarding herself Best answer, but thanking herself! (Seriously, you would think this were a bad drawing comedy if it happened on stage or in a movie!) (Note: as of 18 August 2010 this was still visible at How long it will remain like this is anyones guess LOL)

Lest you think the above two are her only accounts we have another (screenshots for all three below).
Registered 5 December 2008
Registered 7 January 2009
Registered 25 March 2010

For those who question if this is a “messianic jew”- here is the screenshot of her calling herself a “messianic jew”

edit: Since these pictures of her profiles were psoted, Adelphi has started editing! LOL the IM nick that she had on the March registered account is gone and the account now looks like this:

edit: Adelphi and her “messianic jewish” friends are trying to claim that because it has a Yahoo! Canada header and adelphi claims to be in the USA, it cannot be from here. They edidently think everyone is an idiot.

Here I am sending email from Canada, Australia, Brazil and France, visiting all these countries in a mere 8 MINUTES! LOL Don’t forget0 in that time I was also in each country long enough to log into Yahoo! and send an email before moving onto the next country! Hmm, I should patent my transport sytem it is definitely far more efficient than anything else on the market!


Off to Australia!

Then a quick swim to Brazil (lucky I’m so fit aren’t I- just a couple of seconds in the water!)

Better teleport to France otherwise its going to take more than a few minutes to get there from Brazil!

Hey, you know its a much nicer summers day here in Paris than in cold Jo’burg- anyone know of any Kosher places along the Champs Elysee? I need to relax after all that hectic travelling!

Of course the reality is that it was all done from Johannesburg and one can appear to be any where in the world. It is laughable that after being so thoroughly caught out, Adelphi is using such a pathetic excuse. evidently she thinks everyone is an idiot!

edit: Reverting into immaturity seems a common practice for the “messianic jews” of yahoo! Answers when caught out LOL First we saw it with James in this post and now we have Adelphi shocked into baby talk LOL

shame, evidently getting caught out is a real shock to their system which they cannot handle!

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  1. Adelphi permalink

    Right. Another trick of yours. Now I’m “busterbuddahbelly?”

    I’ve always said I had more than one Adelphi account for commenting on Comment sections.

    I wouldn’t trust you or your allegations under any circumstances.

    Also, if you’re banned my Adelphi Account, how could you possibly have gotten pictures of my Profile Page? On three? Not just one? You’re banned on all of them numb-skull.

    • No trick of mine- blame yourself if you have a weird IM nick! LOL

      And Adelphi, to get pics all you have to do is logout and go to the link while logged out. What, you think the system can pick you up when you aren’t logged in? Actually, it is only the users Questions you cannot see. You can still see the profiles of the people that have blocked you. Shame, you so desperate to try and undo the damage you have done to yourself? And even here, when you are caught out, you try to lie! You don’t just use your accounts for commenting- one of those pictures is of you, answering yourself and awarding yourself best answer! Shame, you so desperate for recognition you thank yourself for picking yourself?

    • Of course, one has to thank you for finally showing your identity “Hebe”/”Regina Epstein” LOL What, you forget that unlike on yahoo! Answers, over here I can see your IP and pick up your multiple account abuse immediately?

  2. adelphi permalink

    Unless you can find some comment I answered on a question addressing you, I consider that 89 point Adelphi a contrived, bogus set up ment to trap me. The answer was mine, but the question wasn’t. Just like I saw your name/picture duplicated a few days ago, I’m chalking it all up to that.

    I even researched the “quote” referred to and nothing is on Yahoo Answers that remotely resembles it.

    Allonyoav, I’ve reported this to Yahoo Security, as I should do.

    You thrive on this type of stuff, don’t you. What is the next put-up you’ll post here since you have nothing real to show?

    Of course you pick and choose what will appear on your questions and answers, so I have no doubt being ‘fair’ would interest you now.

    Talk about lies, deceipt and misrepresentations of Messianics? You could have that applied to you any day of the week.

    • Shame, Adlephi is getting desperate. She obviously doesn’t like having her multiple accounts busted- so under the theory of “the best defense is a good offense” she tries to turn it into an attack by me. This is a fairly standard tactic of the “messianic jews”, trying to claim they are victims. Whats even funnier is her trying to use the attempted identity theft by James of my ID posted about on this blog. Of course, she’s going to love what comes next (yep, post update coming soon)! LOL

      And you gotta love the threat to report me to Yahoo! security. Heh, lets see- I’ve been sent fake legal threats supposedly from Yahoo! legal, given fake legal advice and been told that I have been reported to the FBI. Heh, and they still don’t get it that I don’t get intimidated by silly threats!

      Well, I do pity Adelphi- shes been trying so hard on Yahoo!Answers and everything is busy unravelling and coming apart as she panics to fix messes. As she fixes one mess- so another appears… Poor girl LOL

  3. adelphi permalink

    Busterbuddhabelly? Come on now. I’m going to refer to that as me? Another insult you clown.

    • Hey, who knows what your original name was on that ID! Heh, though I noticed you removed that very quickly when you saw it up here! LOL

  4. Christian permalink

    Why does Adelphi/Yeshua’s email have a YAHOO CANADA heading if they don’t live there?

    Simple question. Doesn’t work for me even if I email through YAHOO CANADA and live in Arkansas.

    You don’t think that is strange? Do you live in Canada? Trying to figure this mystery out.


  5. adelphi permalink


    Look at the supposed email I sent you. It has a Yahoo Answes CANADA header.

    That header doesn’t appear if you enter into any of the sites above.

    Are you deliberately trying not to admit that?


    • Heh- Adelphi really is desperate to try and claim innocence despite all the evidence to the contrary. It really is a shame she doesn’t just have the basic honesty to admit to what she had done and apologise, but continues to try and obfuscate LOL shame, it must be horrible when you realise how badly you have messed up!

      Hey, adelphi, you like the edit showing my rapid world travelling skills?

  6. Adelphi, so now I know all the emails you sent me saying “sorry”, and “I’m not messianic”, “I’m trying to get rid of comments” is all a fake. And BTW, you are the user Shay (aka Yeshua), and you might be James (aka Yaacov).

    Enough with the lies.

    Allonyoav, please if you have time, just tell me the chapter in Moreh Nevuchim that the answer’s in. Thank you.

  7. Adelphi permalink

    You sily duck!

    Australia, France and Brazil say nothing in the headers where they came from. All thy have is the native Portugese, French and Australia in English.

    Bad examples. So you were off to Australia, France and Brazil eh?

    Look again, all it says is \”you have received a message from another…..\”

    Take it off, you look like a fool.

    Thank me for saving your dignity.

    PLUS, last I looked at that \”Adelphi\” accont it had both the email and IM open. Where\’d you get that screenshot from?

    • Shame- Adelphi really is desperate to try and save face! LOL I guess she doesn’t realise that different Yahoo! Servers use different headers. Heh, anything to try and explain away her dishonesty- all the while failing to realise how much worse she makes herself look with her attempts to try and pretend she hasn’t been caught out using multiple accounts. It would be far better for her to just apologise and correct her behaviour; instead she just make smatters worse with her attempts to obfuscate the issues!

      Heh, and turning things back on takes a couple of seconds- enjoying yourself turning them on and off? LOL Anyone can follow the link here to that account! LOL

  8. Adelphi permalink

    Shock to my system I can not handle? Yehr, right. The earth moved under my feet.

    The more you post the more ridiculous you look. Get those anine emails you sent yourself, the headers DO NOT say BRAZIL, FRANCE and AUSTRALIA.

    You should be so lucky to get even a slight rise out of me.

    Hey, the FBI didn’t show up at my door, dumbell!

    How I would have loved to be a fly on the wall. (and I didn’t do it!) The CIA is more my style 🙂

    Your reputation is growing all over the world. Maybe your mission in life was to make people laugh.

    • Poor Adelphi- seems she thinks the FBI have contacted me- sorry, but they probably received the complaint, looked at my site and packed up laughing at the loon trying to allege hate speech LOL

      But your deteriorating vocabulary and falling back into immaturity and baby speech shows how much you have been shaken! LOL and yep, my reputation is growing- but for the good! It must irk you to no end to know that as the site grows, my support from real Jews grows! Shame, your anti-Semitism just helps this site and gives me so much material to show about your cult!

  9. Adelphi permalink

    Quick comment: As you spend more and more time here, your Musings of an “Orthodox Jew” deteriorates. It had more pizazz before this fruitless endeavour started.

    The only one who answers your questions is Gabi, who I happen to admire by the way.

    I’m sure he’s your biggest fan here too. Let me guess?
    Rav Mordecai? LOL!

    • Heh- Adelphi thinks if she insults me it will make her seem more authoritative. its this bizarre and faulty logic of her and her fellow “messianic jews” over at Yahoo! Answers that provide me with so much material for this blog! LOL

      Of course whats funniest is that one of the longest standing fans of “Musings of an Orthodox Jew”, and one with whom I have exchanged many emails, is a Christian in the USA who bases many of her Sunday school lessons on my posts. Strange, but true… (beat that one Ripley!)

  10. Christian permalink

    I took your advice and checked all four of your emails. Not one has YAHOO AUSTRALIA-YAHOO SPAIN etc.

    Not OK.

    • Different Yahoo! Servers use different headers- yahoo!7 is Yahoo, australia- the others alter their language. Yahoo! canada is one of the few that has the country in the header. If you’re upset that Yahoo! countries aren’t standardised in their presentation and just alter their language, feel free to complain to Yahoo! LOL

    • Oh, and “Christian”, you do realise that while yo can alter your IP- the email you enter is also visible to me? LOL so, which Id do you prefer? “Laurie”,”Christian” or “Geek” ROFLOL You guys really do insist on making your dishonesty blatant!

  11. Adelphi, please read my comment & and take it seriously. It is very important. “Lo Yishaker Ish- a man shall not lie.”

  12. Adelphi permalink

    Sure Gab. You and Yoav please read my comment & and take it seriously. It is very importantl

    Exodus 20:16 “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”

    Actually I’m off to Israel, so I’m saying goodbye for awhile. Remember: Exodus 20:16 “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”

  13. LOL- R’ Marc so true!

  14. laurieJ permalink

    Strange, most of the content and exact sentences , sometimes entire paragraphs are identical to this posted by Shuckles Clown. Maybe Shuckles is Joshua or Adelphi, or they’re both entire someone else. The plot thickens.

    Don’t you realize most people don’t care?

    Just thought I’d let you know.

    • That this person is possibly behind many of the other accounts and uses multiple other IDs I have no doubt. Howver, until such time as I have the screenshots or other information to prove it I’ll abstain from making connections to other accounts.

      As for most people not caring- hey, 250 views in one day on a post will do. Evidently enough people care to make it worthwhile. Just thought I’d let you know

  15. Aravah permalink

    Others care and applaud this blog! Showing just how insulting and deceptive ‘messianics’ can be is an important task that ME has taken on. Jews are obligated to stand against such harmful tactics and blasphemous beliefs from entering real Judaism.

    We’ve already seen results from the blog by disappearing comments and even answers in R/S as ‘messianics’ quickly try to sanitize their past dishonorable behavior.

  16. Even people that don’t “like” this blog, *know* it is an effective and factual one.

    Have a meaningful Slihot. Wait- sorry only Sepharadim say it the entire month. LOL

  17. Sol permalink

    by the way, I installed a new firewall to be safe. I did knot no they were lurking covertly on the internet. Is my old Yahoo email address safe to use? I just swiched to Worldnet because of this–the further away from Yahoo the better with all this happening.

    What if James writes me who should I contact. I am a bit disturbed.



    • Really- no need to get paranoid- no one says they are out to take over your computer. As for lurking on the net- there are far worse threats to your machine than “messianic jews”- so congratulations on the new firewall- one should always have up-to-date anti-virus and firewall installed

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