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Comment: Just continue onwards…

December 31, 2010

It seems that some people never learn. You expose a tactic, show how they behave, and you would expect them to be more careful. to try to avoid having their dishonesty exposed over and over again. Clearly the “messianic jews” are more interested in how many people they can trick than in portraying their cult in a positive light.

So previously I discussed the usage of multiple accounts, using multiple accounts to attack someone to make yourself seem more authoritative. Heh, and then there was the fact of claiming to want peace while attacking under another ID_ only to mess up. That was with the Shay (now changed to the “AlphaOmega” symbol) and Adelphi. Of course it was protested vehemently; they accused me of manufacturing it, of lying etc despite all evidence to the contrary. So one would imagine that after that she/he (who knows, the user behind these IDs has IDs of both genders) would be more careful and not expose the connection between them. So let us have some fun and shine some light under the rock…

First we have AlphaOmega asking a question on Yahoo!Answers

Then we have a confused Adelphi asking why Yahoo!Answers questions appear elsewhere in this question As seen here

And in that question she links to this post here.

But wait- that is the question that AlphaOmega asked! Heh, of course that is all coincidence, as is the fact that the answers are all identical to the answers in the question!

Of course this displays another facet of the “messianic jews” that has been discussed previously- their usage of attacks on Judaism to try and denigrate Judaism to promote their cult. Multiple correct answers were given- an incorrect anti-Semitic one was chosen. This question portrays yet another facet of the tactics of “messianic jews” in their attacks on Jews- they link to “messianic jewish” priest that dishonestly calls himself a rabbi and then claim it is a Jewish website! Truly, their dishonesty and lack of ethics and morality shine through beautifully in this question!

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  1. Dovid permalink

    You don’t expect any different from the resha’im in this corrupt movement do you? They cannot help themselves; their deceit has embedded itself so deeply into their neshamah that nothing can make them see how their actions and words act to their detriment!

    • I remain in hope that they can find a way to dig it out, to abandon it and for the Jews amongst them to do Teshuvah and to return to us.

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