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Tactic: If the lie is big enough, people will believe it…

January 7, 2011

There is a famous quote attributed to Goebbels, the late and unlamented Nazi minister of propaganda

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”

This dictum seems to be one that many of the “messianic jews” on Yahoo!Answers have taken to heart.  Thus we have them repeating as nauseam the lies that

  1. I was a long time member of the Church of Scientology
  2. That I am wanted by the FBI
  3. That I have been warned by the community to stop opposing them
  4. That I post on various sites related to drugs etc on the internet.

On a recent question they really outdid themselves with the lying, all the above and more!  The question was asked if a “messianic jew” could be buried in a Jewish cemetery.  The answer given, and accepted as Best Answer was correct- no, “messianic jews” cannot be buried in Jewish cemeteries.  This was when the fun began.  The “messianic jews” quickly jumped to try to limit the damage to their movement; they know very well they cannot be buried in Jewish cemeteries, but its a fact they try not to publicise as it would put off many of their potential converts.  Thus their lies started:

Lie 1:  Adelphi trying to embellish on the lie that the FBI want me, claiming she thought my absence in December was due to me being in FBI custody

Lie 2:  Adelphi claiming she doesn’t hate Jews- despite the links having been posted of her quoting anti-semitic websites and calling for the Talmud to be edited

Lie 3:  Adelphi trying to claim, again, that she isn’t a “messianic jew” despite the fact that she directly stated she was (as shown in the screenshot hosted on this blog)

Lie 4:  Theocrat (a new “messianic jewish” poster) tries to claim that “messianic jews” can be buried in Reform cemetaries, despite the fact that CCAR responsa do NOT allow it, and the Responsa he points to are about the SPOUSES of Jewish members of Reform communities.  See the CCAR Responsa here stating that “messianic jews” cannot be buried in Jewish cemeteries.

Lie 5: Claiming I posted on “Mystic Banana”.   Once again, just a site copying Q&As from Yahoo!Answers- but they persisted in this lie even after the links to the original Q&As on Yahoo!Answers were posted by me.  Original question on Yahoo!Answers
Plagiarised content on “Mystic Banana”

Lie 6:  Claiming that the Modern Orthodox position allows for the burial of “messianic jews” in a Jewish cemetery albeit in a set apart area.  Their basis for this was an article written by Rabbi Arinna Moon.  Of course Arinna Moon is NOT an Orthodox Rabbi (there are no recognised female Rabbi’s in Orthodox).  She was trained at a mixed Conservative/Reform seminary and was working as an assistant Rabbi at a Reform Temple at the time she wrote the article.  Of course, like the previous quote from a Reform Rabbi, this one misrepresented who she was (claiming she was Orthodox) and what the article said: as with the previous one, talking about the SPOUSES and FAMILIES of Jewish community members, NOT “messianic jews”

Lie 7: Rosh Pina Project (a “messianic jewish website”) made me look like a fool.  Heh- actually, after one of their guest authors apologised to me on their website for making false accusations against me, the Rosh Pina Project website owner couldn’t delete anything related to me fast enough from his website!  Hosting attacks and slander against me he was fine with- once that failed and his guest author apologised to me, well- that couldn’t remain!

Lie 8:  My email address was closed down.  Still trying to figure out where this one comes from- my Yahoo!Email address has been going since 2006 and has never been shut down.

Lie 9: I twist the Talmud.  Heh- this one is based on the fact that I made an error in a post (which unfortunately I copied into some answers).  It has long since been corrected but the “messianic jews” use this one error in an attempt to try to claim I twist the Talmud!  Ah well, they’re desperate and will try anything!

Lie 10: Another claim about the “FBI report and me being wanted by them”

Lie 11: I am fugitive fleeing US soil.  Seems they don’t understand the concept that I was born in South Africa and have always lived in South Africa.  Then again- let’s go back to the Goebels’ quote: it does explain their continued attempt to promulgate this lie

Lie 12: My personal life is a debacle and disaster.  Heh, seems they live in some other century where divorce was unknown and a great thing of shame.  Its sad, nobody likes it, but it hardly qualifies in the “debacle/disaster” stakes!

Lie 13:  I have been “officially warned” to stop what I am doing on Yahoo!Answers.

Lie 14:  Claiming I get no income from my job as the spiritual leader of the community I am involved with in Johannesburg (this one in desperation when I pointed out that some of their statements about me were libellous).  Unfortunately for them I do get paid by the community.

Lie 15: I posted on “Hemp emporium” (another drug friendly site)- just another Q&A cloned from Yahoo!Answers but even with the link to the original Q&A on YAhoo!Answers posted by me, the “messianic jews” continued to try to push this lie

Lie 16:  Linking to Responsa from the Rabbinical Assembly claiming they are Orthodox and allow “messianic jews” to be buried in a Jewish cemetery.  However, rabbinical Assembly is CONSERVATIVE.  the Responsa in question are here and here.  The first conclusion is an outright no, the second allows for it IF there is evidence of last-minute repentance.

Lie 17:  I advocate the usage of marijuana.  This is based on my supposed post on “Hemp Emporium”.  The orginal question on Yahoo!Answers can be found at the plagiarised post at “Hemp Emporium” at As for my so called support of marijuana- here is the statement they are misrepresenting (heh, as is normal for them)

There is no explicit law against it- but it is discouraged, along with smoking, excess alchohol and other things that are bad for the body and mental well being of a person. The reason for thos is that there is a statement from Chazal (the Sages of past generations), that one should keep oneself healthy in order to be able to serve G-d with strength and joy- weakening ones body and mind weakens ones ability to serve G-d in such a manner and thus should be avoided. As such, there are many Orthodox organisations that will help those with addiciton problems- contact your local Jewish authorities and they will direct you to the appropriate people. All anonymously and confidentially.

Then of course there is the latest attack since they now have to deal with the fact that I am paid by the community- accusing me of being an Elmer Gantry.  For those who do not know this reference, Elmer Gantry is a character from a book who pretends to be a minister to steal from a community while seducing the women in his congregation.  Once again, all it does is how up the lack of moral and ethical fibre within the “messianic Jewish movement, highlighting their willingness to sling insults when they find their lies are no longer working!

Note:  There are multiple images of this Q&A due to the many deletions and adding to the comments at the end.  One notable deletion was the quick removal of the links to the rabbinical assembly by Adelphi when it was pointed out they are Conservative, despite her claims that they are Orthodox!

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  1. Dovid permalink

    Can you expect any better from these missionaries? Most are outright liars and have no connection to Judaism, the others are kofrim b’Torah and inherently dishonest. They treat people outside of their movement as if they are idiots that will swallow any lies they spread. They spread misinformation the way fleas on rats spread the plague.

  2. solomon permalink

    You are fueling the flames. It’s a bunch of teenagers having fun. One never sees both sides either. What do you do to encourage this behavior?

    I don’t believe they’re mesianics at all, they’d be talking about Yeshua if they were.

  3. solomon permalink

    Your posts here are very inflamatory. This is hilarious.

  4. solomon permalink

    Unless that is the Moth’s picture and her real name, you can do nothing about it. They address you as Mark and you say you live in Africa, makes it easy to locate you.

    Plus, anyone can file a complaint with the FBI and the info will be kept on file till later date. All they need is your name and email and I see you have the later up there. You actually did make a quaisi death threat on this site and did she (he)? Makes all the difference to the Feds.

    Leave them alone, they’ll go away.

    • Nope. no death threats have been made anywhere- however much the “messianic jews” try to twist things to claim otherwise! LOL As for the for doing anything about it- who said I had any plans to? Though considering the atmepted spam using the FBI website recently, if it was one of them they can expect a visit sometime soon. Yep- somebody tried to spam my mailbox by subscribing me to every newsletter on the FBI website- yep, an official complaint has been made.

      As for being easy to locate me- what you think the name Mark is rare in Africa? ROFLOL

  5. Do you have a picture of the apology? I and others would like to see it. Would you be interested on appearing on nation-wide television?

  6. Have you received 25,000 in one day? It would be difficult to prosecute unless that many were received.

    Nevertheless, I would like to see the apology posted here. Additionally, did anyone committing these offenses ever “apologize” to you?

    Time is of the essence.


    • Actually, an email address is considered protected Personal Identification data and the misuse of another person’s email address fraudulent and identity theft. It requires just one instance- not thousands.

      As for the RPP apology- unfortunately I never copied it- it was removed too soon. I have Israel admitting to the apology on the blog, and repeatign his apology, right here in a comment on this blog. Feel free to email him to confirm its his comment.

      And nope, the people making these comments have ever apologised. Sadly, it seems they ar eproud of their behaviour and have no idea how bad it makes them, and their cult, look.

  7. Alexis permalink

    This is dumb . I Alexis, have tried to apologize to this moron only for him to insult me immidiatly afterwards. I’m an atheist and him and his lesbo lover aravah keep saying I’m a messianic jew and/or supporter .I’m not I don’t like his constent attacks against them when they are only answering questions about their faith.

    • As can be seen- the “messianic jews” and their supporters seem unable to interact without making false allegations and resorting to insults. One would think they would ave more sense than to be so blatant in their hatred and lies; sadly, they have no idea of how to be interact like normal members of society.

      As for Alexis and her “apology”- she seems to think that of she deletes something and then posts something else to insult me, it constitutes an apology. Hey, we don’t expect “messianic jews” or their supporters to understand what an apology is, but she shows even less of an understanding than most of them!

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