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Tactic: Behave like an animal and expect others to accept it!

September 23, 2014

You find some “messianic jews” think they can post and behave however they like, but that it should be accepted and others should treat them well!  So you find various “messianic jews”posting the most disgusting insults aimed at Jews, and then complaining that Jews don’t show them “brotherly love”!

So recently Devoted1 posted the following insults aimed at me:

What a sick, miserable, tormented childhood you must have had. And no WONDER your former wife had to leave you! It wouldn’t surprise me if your children also wanted nothing to do with you!


You don’t know how to be a husband and father, so it’s no wonder you are such a misfit in all the other areas of your life!

So after showing how little she knows about me (yes, I had a great childhood with a fantastic family and friends) she goes on to show how despicable she is by trying to attack me through my relationship with my children (which is great and a very healthy one, the complete opposite of what this unmensch is trying to claim!)  Now after that, you would think she would realise that is hardly going to be viewed with anything but contempt by me.  Nope, she is so cut off from reality that she then posts

Chag Semeach, allonyoav


It would be nice to hear the same thing in reply, but apparently there is no “brotherly love” in allonyoav’s heart.

Now seriously, after the previous insults and gutter behaviour she has displayed, after the hatred and attacks on me and my relationship with my family, does she actually expect that I would have anything but contempt for her?

The answer is: Yes, she is so out of contact with reality that she actually thinks that she is deserving of “brotherly love” regardless of how despicable her behaviour may be!

Sadly this does illustrate the damage that cults do to their members.  A complete absence of an understanding of social convention, and inability to understand boundaries and acceptable behaviour, a belief that you can act however you like and others must just accept it!  Nor is she an aberation.  If you look at the comments in this link you will find the user calling himself “Suckels Clown of Righteousness” , insulting Jews, attacking Jewish beliefs and then showing how out of touch with reality he is by using a Jewish greeting and thinking that somehow exonerates him!

So, when you come across “messianic jews” there are two things this latest exchange highlights:

  1.  They are so cut off from social convention and what anyone else would consider decent behaviour that you really should not expect anything but the level of indecency, despicable behaviour and complete hatred of you to be shown if you should expose them publicly
  2. That they really are so out of touch with reality that they think they can behave however they like and it should have zero repercussions!

Devoted- insults

Devoted- insults 2

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One Comment
  1. Clinton permalink

    These “messianic jews” are complete unmenschen and mamzerim! How do they behave like they do and then think they will ever be accepted by anyone with a shred of decency? They are completely oblivious to any sense of normal, decent behavour! Thanks for exposing them Rav, the world needs to see how they behave so they understand why they are so utterly rejected by Jews!

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