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Tactic: Identity theft to attack others

December 24, 2014

In the past I have blogged about how the “messianic jews” have tried to steal my identity and how I caught them out.  (see the Post Tactic: Pretending to be other people!)

So what are they doing now?  On this question the clown once again is trying to limit the damage to “messianic judaism” by trying to slander me.  His reasoning appears to be that if he can discredit me it will somehow mean “messianic judaism” is justified.  Of course he has nothing real to use to discredit me and his slander is so easy to disprove that it is totally ineffective meaning he had to find something new.

So what did he decide to do?  A community member with the username Clinton (not his real name and I have no idea why he chose it lol) has posted on some questions in the past.  The clown decided to attack me by making a clone account and posing as Clinton.  A really stupid idea on his part since Clinton comes to services every morning and is a dedicated attendee at the two shiurim I give.  A simple phone call and Clinton has responded to the clown (maybe the Clown forgot that Christmas Eve is just a normal night for Jews and everyone is contactable).  What is the result of the clown being caught out?  True to form for the “messianic jews” and supporters on Y!A when caught out the attacks are escalated so now Clinton is accused of being a sock puppet.

Pretty much business as usual, but an important heads up to anyone dealing with “messianic jews” that when someone criticising them suddenly posts to support them, confirm with the person.  The reality is that it is probably just a case of identity theft by the “messianic jews”!

One of the recent changes by Y!A has made proving this whole identity theft by the clown (and the fact he is using multiple accounts) is instrumental in proving their dishonesty!  The change?  In the past when you changed the username or profile picture on an account, it also change don all the questions and answers.  Now changing username no longer changes username on past questions and answers!  So we can go to the fake Clinton profile, to the answers posted (no questions asked by this fake profile- only 9 answers in 5 years!  Clearly an account for multiple votes in the old days and for posing as other people in comments).  What do we see in the answers?  NONE of them have an answer by someone named Clinton… Not a surprise since it was only just changed to that username in an attempt to attack me!

Screenshots below show the fake Clinton account and its answers (yes, the clown forgot to hide those! lol), a couple of the answers to see there is no Clinton there and the question with the fake Clinton’s comments, the real Clinton’s response and the dishonest clown highlighted.

FireShot Screen Capture #001 - 'How do atheists respond to the overwhelming amount of evidence that supports the bible_' - no clinton answering1

FireShot Screen Capture #005 - 'Do you see Reagan as the worst president in US history_' - No clinton

FireShot Screen Capture #007 - 'Answers I Yahoo Answers' - fake clinton profile

Why do a lot of Jews and Christians criticise  Messianic Jews

Tell me tips to buy authentic prada handbags

What s your favourite shoe colour

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  1. Clinton permalink

    Sad, just sad. Looks like “Rev” doesn’t have a real life.

    • Heh, “Clinton” being exposed here is really June- as can be seen in her email address. No need to reveal it, but she obviously didn’t realise that the blog admin sees the email address of those posting comments. No wonder she is upset at being caught out! The funny part is that she continues to try and perpetuate the identity theft- so ineptly she claimed she was heading out to a family dinner in a comment posted 5 minutes ago- at 1:27 AM in Johannesburg ROFLOL See it in the comments here: to “jesus mad me (un)kosher”

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