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TACTIC: Lying about your identity

February 9, 2015

Well, it’s a topic that ha soften been discussed on this blog, the issue of identities, identity theft and misrepresentation of identities by “messianic jews” in their attempts to try to promote themselves on Yahoo!Answers.

So you would think that they would know better than to continue to lie about themselves, to lie about their identities etc especially when the evidence is easy to find that shows they are lying.  Nope- the simple ethics of honesty and being honest about oneself are clearly beyond the comprehension of “messianic jews” so they continue to try to pretend they are something other than what they are…

What prompts this post?  As usual the “messianic jewish” user devoted1 is trying to claim she is Jewish, was born Jewish etc.  The fact that she had previously posted the opposite no barrier to her lies especially not with a new feature in Yahoo!Answers- you cannot edit an answer on a closed question, but you can make it anonymous!  Thus devoted thinks she can just make her previous answers incriminating her by showing she lies anonymous and then claim that she never made the posts!  Yes, yet more dishonesty and deceit on top of the previous dishonesty and deceit…

So, lets show a screen shot of her stating that she is a convert to Judaism from 7 years ago and then as it is now, her changing her answer to anonymous to try to pretend she never made the statements she


Three easy religious questions...all answers welcomeDevo admits she's a convert as a messie - Do you believe that Judiasm is not an ethnic group and only a religion

Devoted Changing her answer to anonymous

Devoted Changing her answer to anonymous

Devo admits she is a Christian - Three easy religious questions...all answers welcome

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  1. petpeeve permalink

    I was not able to view your yahoo link. I see it in very small print that is unreadable, but it does not expand large enough to be able to view the text.

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