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Tactic: Linking to sites…

December 11, 2015

Its been a long while since I posted, but that’s mainly because the “messianic jews” on Yahoo!Answers have disappeared leaving three regular posters with their normal rubbish (yep- all the others disappeared at the same time…  No multiple users there! ROFLOL)

So what prompted this post?  Something that one of the “messianic jewish”users has done now and needs to be highlighted and exposed for the dishonesty and utter lack of ethics it represents.

So what was it?  Well, you know how people will link to an article to prove their point?  The latest tactic is to just link to a website and claim it proves them right…  Note, not an article, but just the front page of the website.  When you actually investigate the website you find the truth- not only does it NOT support them, but it disproves them.  What makes this tactic work is if people do not bother to check the link and just believe them in what they claim it says!  Sadly, many users lazy and just assume no one would lie that blatantly, after all the link is there to check…  This is what the dishonest missionaries in the “messianic jewish” movement rely on, that people will not believe they could be THAT dishonest!

So, lets highlight it, expose it and show once again the complete lack of ethics and the dishonesty and misrepresentation that “messianic jews” view as a holy sacrament!

So what sin the screenshots below?  DSM claims I am lying when I claim that 80% of Jews believe in G-d and DSM’s claim that the majority of Jews are atheists is false.  DSM attacks me, telling me I am lying and links to the Gutman site claiming it supports him.  The graph below is from the Gutman site showing 80% believe in G-d.  Not only does the site not state what he claimed it did, it states the opposite and exactly the same as I had originally stated.  Maybe DSM thought he could lie and get away with it since the graph is only on the Hebrew language version of the site and he assumed that everyone is as incompetent as him in Hebrew and would never discover his deception!

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