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This blog has one purpose- to highlight the tactics utilised by the “messianic jews”- be it in their tactics used to convert Jews or their attempts to silence critics on the internet. 

The author of this blog has been active in combating anti-Semitism and missionary activity online since the days when a 2400 baud modem was considered cutting edge technology. Back then it was mainly on the old usenet forums. The technology and locations may have changed, sadly the task remains the same, to educate the ignorant to the tactics, message and means utilised by the “messianic jews” in an attempt to entice them away from Judaism and into Christianity.

  1. Yehudi permalink

    This is nothing more than hate mongering at it’s lowest. (hardly it’s finest, since it’s so lame)

    There is no substance, only attack by someone who is extremely ignorant and mentally ill.

    Nobody will take this seriously except the lame brain who had so little to do that he/she put it together. It’s very pathetic.

    • I thank the “messianic jews” for demonstrating their reliance on personal attacks when they are completely incapable of responding intelligently. We will demonstrate shortly how often they rely on this tactic when we post a whole lot of examples of the depths the “messianic jews” sink to when they are incapable of answering intelligently.

      • Gloria permalink

        You are absolutely right in that Messianic “Jews” resort to personal attacks when they cannot answer a question or address an issue. Thank you for your blog posts!

    • LaurieJoan permalink

      I see what you mean

      • This must be one of the “educated and creative” posts Father Graves was referring to. After all, a post devoid of content and nothing more than “me too” is uncommonly “educated and creative” for “messianic jews”- after all, one of them has managed to post without a blatant insult or attempt to justify themselves!

      • omarsharrif permalink

        this is such an interesting site i am having trouble navigating it though. can someone tell me where to go for the questions and answers?

      • See the new link at the top of the page- just pst your question in the comments section. I will then transfer the question into a post.

      • omarsharrif permalink


  2. Father Graves permalink

    I am familiar with the exchanges on Yahoo Answers between you and Messianic Jews.

    To be objective, I believe you should share some of your own posts.

    There are two sides to every story.

    I’d like to tell you that the replies in response to your material are educated and creative — though they may not be to your liking.

    • Shortly we will be posting some of the “educated and creative” posts from the “messianic jews” on Yahoo! Answers. everybody will then be able to see some of the disgusting comments and insults they like to use and which Father Graves considers “educated and creative”.

      Of course, Father Graves is welcome to send a screenshot of spam by others here. Its going to be hard to find though, I have yet to see anyone spamming and using the tactics displayed here besides the “messianic jews” on Yahoo! Answers.

    • omarsharrif permalink

      (already theyre coming out swinging!!)

  3. Father Graves permalink

    I would be willing to provide downloads of your own comments to balance the scales.

    Father Graves

    • Hey, feel free to do whatever you feel you need to. LOL

    • omarsharrif permalink

      yes I agree both sides of the story. i ask for that when the jehovhas witness come to my door. both sides of bbible interpretation. both sides must be shown.

  4. Pricilla permalink

    The practice of puting a “x” in a block of space is used by many people on a variety of sites! I do it myself. It isn’t always possible to format an answer on Yahoo Answers or Yahoo Answers comments quickly. So an “X” is used to hold the space, editing it later.

    I came here expecting to see something profound and find nothing to be concerned over.

    As another poster stated, equal time for your comments would be appreciated or just supply a link! One would need to see this in it’s proper context.

    • I thank Pricilla for demonstrating how “messianic jews” are unable to read and understand what has been posted by an actual Jew! The point wasn’t the using of “x” to reserve a comment spot- its sitting their, waiting for a comment to be deleted by the person they are defaming when he is trying to reply, and then blocking them so their attacks and defamation go unanswered. Not surprising that Pricilla is unable to reply appropriately to a post by Jews- ‘messianic jews” rarely are able to respond appropriately to Jews or Jewish topics.

      • LaurieJoan permalink

        How do you know theyre ‘sitting there’. Was the web cam on?

      • Its a figure of speech- or is at least in my part of the world. It simply means they were continuously refreshing and reposting to block anyone from making posts

  5. Pricilla permalink

    Incidentally, if you are under 18, it is illegal to make a site of this nature.

    Does your mother or father know you’re at the computer?

    My son might do something like this.

    • I thank Priscilla for demonstrating one of the favourite tactics of the “messianic jews” (and soon to be a post of its own)- the resorting to insults and attacks when they have nothing ov value to add and are just seeking to attack.

      In answer to her question- no need to worry about my legality- I am an adult and have kids of my own. Its a pity to see ‘messianic jews” resorting to such underhand tactics so quickly, but we expect more of the same in the near future.

    • omarsharrif permalink

      there are no age requirements on yahooanswers. HOWEVER on eBay you have to be 18.

  6. MovieStar permalink

    When I read something like this, it confirms again that our faith is the only true one.

    Messianic Jew

    • Hmm, one wonders how exposing the usage of spam to block people from responding to insults and defamation confirms someones faith! Well, I guess getting validation from misbehaviour must be something that is unique to cult members

      • Greg permalink

        You have a point, where is this happening?

    • omarsharrif permalink

      Why do you say that? What is your source?

      • Well, lets see- the only post so far was about how “messianic jews” on Yahoo! Answers use spam to block the comments section. Following that ‘movie star” posted how this site confirms his faith, thus my reply to his comment. Following now?

  7. LaurieJoan permalink

    I came here expecting something interesting.

    This is a foolish attempt to discredit messianic Jews by showing little letters used to save space on a limited count comment page. There is nothing wrong with that. I do it too.

    One can not always compose their thoughts quickly. So as not to have all the spaces taken up by one person — which is frequently done — the little letter or short remark “will edit” keeps things fair.

    This is all you could come up with? They look like saints to me!

    • I thank LaurieJoan for demonstrating how “messianic jews” are unable to read and understand what has been posted by an actual Jew! The point wasn’t the using of “x” to reserve a comment spot- its sitting their, waiting for a comment to be deleted by the person they are defaming when he is trying to reply, and then blocking them so their attacks and defamation go unanswered. Not surprising that LaurieJoan is unable to reply appropriately to a post by Jews- “messianic jews” rarely are able to respond appropriately to Jews or Jewish topics.

      • Greg permalink

        I thought someone asked the question before, now their post is gone. That is so strange, so very very strante.

        The reply went something like this “How do you know they’re sitting there waiting for you – do you have a camcorder on?”

        This is so true, so very, very true. You are presuming these people, whoever they are, to be taking your spaces, just sitting there as you say. Not nice. You can not see into their parlors to know what they are doing.

        How I hate prejudice of any kind, I stay away from it like the plague.

      • Interesting that you could have seen a comment that would have been in the moderation queue and never visible. I wonder how that happened, however- once Shabbos finished I saw the comment and approved it- so it should be visible now. (You do realise that as an Orthodox Jew I do not use the computer Shabbos, and thus I am offline from sunset Friday till nightfall Saturday- roughly a 25 hour period.)

    • LaurieJoan permalink

      I’m not a messianic — i was sent this link by someone you knew.

      • Interesting- considering that I haven’t informed anyone and those coming here are generally coming via Yahoo! Answers…

  8. Dovid permalink

    Are all messianic jews like this- or just the ones that feel exposed here? Don’t they realise that there comments in the wrong place – posting comments about a post on the “About page” and then showing they either have not read, or have not understood, the content of the post just reflects badly on them?

    Congratulations on this page. It is long overdue and maybe exposing these issues will actually make Yahoo! wake up and realise how their service is being abused by some of the users.

    • LaurieJoan permalink

      Unfortunately Yahoo doesnt care. its hard to even get them to respond. youd need a letter from an attorney even that is doubtful.

  9. Mybabygirl permalink

    OK, I’m one of those that received an email to come here. That was spam, but it was from someone at the shul.

    What is your mission statement? All organizations have one. Do you take donations? Are they tax deductable? I’ve been following your blog and know youre in the Congo so I am not sure about the tax consequences

    • Sorry to dissapoint you- I am a private individual. I am not soliciting donations and my mission statement is simple- read the About page!

      And it seems you are not very good at following where I am- I am in South Africa- not the Congo. Hmm, I wonder if there are any Jews in the Congo, don’t know about much of a community in that part of the world!

  10. Mybabygirl permalink

    You may know my husband, he was one of the 50 Greeks that fought against Edi Amine? The last name was Mitolojisi.
    I know he took R&R near the Congo. Perhaps you met him?

    • Sorry- South Africa is far from Uganda and the Congo- I don’t know any soldiers or mercenaries from that part of the world

  11. Mybabygirl permalink

    One last thing – did I need a Website to come here. I left the bos blank.

    Do you know of a website by Rabbi Mizrachi’s called Divine Information? he is doing the same thing.

    Perhaps I can support both causes.

    • Only mandatory information has to be filled- in- since website is non-mandatory,you don’t need one to come here!

      As for Rabbi Mizrahi- no connection to me nor am I familiar with his website. Hey, good luck to him if he is doing his bit to help prevent the destruction of Jewish souls by the “messianic jewish” movement!

    • Depends on the type of mioissn trip.For starters, it’s illegal to solicit others on the street to convert to another religion. Whether it be Christianity, Islam, or even Judaism. Privately, it’s obviously okay, but it’s not something allowed in the public sphere.If you are doing the type which is more like building an orphanage or hospital, like I commonly hear from others who do such in Latin America, then that’s fine.The active and violent reactions come from the more religious spheres, which are kinda secluded in their own spaces. In Jerusalem, you might get close to some, but everywhere else you’d know that you don’t have much of a chance converting anyone. And it’s less active and violent as it is yelling and screaming, which is scary but mostly you’ll be fine physically. Messianic Jews do experience some discrimination in Israel. It’s not that bad, and they live fully functioning lives. The problem is the word “Jew”, which other Jews don’t like them using. For starters, there is the idea that Jews don’t worship Jesus, and it’s a dividing line, so they just aren’t Jews to begin with. Nonetheless, most Israelis are perfectly fine with them, so there really isn’t to worry about.Once again, don’t actively seek out converts and proselytize in Israel, since it’s illegal, but for whatever reason you are there, it’s always a good idea to tour the Holy Land anyway.References :

  12. Mybabygirl permalink

    Before I go did you ever think of notifying the fcc which regulates the interstate commerce (you may press that point)?

    • Sorry, but religious bait and switch scams don’t fall under fcc regulations- nothing to notify them about. Just innoculating internet users against their tactics

  13. omarsharrif permalink

    good job. you have some really hot stuff there. how did you ever get it? were their guards down or what? its hard to find people in the act. usually they operate covertly.

    i do not get out much but they come to my door. in my area (south dakota) these people call themselves jehovhas witnesses. is it similar? i think so, do you?

    you have my email, use it. if theres anything you need help with i’n your guy. south dakota doesn’t have many jews in it, but i’ll do my best. thanks bro.

    • omarsharrif permalink

      is this where i follow up? you can email me privately with info you cant or wont post here. i take an active role in these type communities volunteer organizations. I support organizations for social justice, the welfare of the poor, immigrants, and women.

    • Jehova’s witness are a completely different bunch. They may be active missionaries but they don’t resort to the underhand tactics that “messianic jews” utilise.

      As for the screenshots- just taken as they use the same tactics continuously- just gotta wait for them to reveal themselves

  14. bigbadjohn permalink

    Hello, I stumbles on your site by chance and think what you are doing has limited appeal. You need to get affiliated with big time Jewish Organizations and activists. I will visit back in a few weeks to see this when it is in full swing. I am completely serious – have you considered infomercials? They dont cost much money for a 2 minute spot and youd reach more people. Heres a link (copy paste, then search – dont trust any links)

  15. Dick permalink

    How do we know the religious affiliations of those pictured here are true. I see ARF ARF ARF and no mention of them being Jews of any kind. Yes, you did an excellent job of screendumping but how do we know anything about their religion?

    I’d need more proof, thats how I am. Show me something where it states they are Jews? Till then its just your word against theirs and theres enough of that on the internet already.

    • Hey, believe me or not, it really doesn’t matter to me. If you really want to do the search, feel free to go look up the individual posters on Yahoo! Answers. Be warned, though, that descriptions, screen names, affiliations are continuously changed to try and fool people into thinking they are different people. Its fun keeping track of the various changes as they switch! LOL

  16. Dick permalink

    Why is there an offensive avatar next to my post? What is that? Is it an insult?

    • No- they are called gravatars. The program automatically assigns them to people that do not have custom avatars. Its just a fun feature of the blogging platform.

  17. BoooooooopeDooooooop permalink

    You are doing one hell of a good job. Wanted to give the two thumbs up. Keep up the good work.

  18. Catholicworshipper permalink

    The word is getting around about this wonderful site. I am in an internet cafe right now and our entire school knows about it. I respect a man who sees a need and fills it.

    I am looking forward to more posts.


  19. Billsinthemail permalink

    I personally think this site is devious. Go ahead, don’t post my opinion. Filter what the public should know. I guess we don’t have freedom of speech here.

    Why do I feel this site is devious? It reminds me of a neo-nazi site. There is hate here and I am an atheist.

    What you need is to present what you have with more compassion.

    Till then I think it is a devious site! My opinion and I’m entitled to it!

    • Hey, feel free to post your opinion. Free speech is wonderful- and don’t worry, most things will be allowed through- just obvious spam, crudity, and missionary material will blocked.

  20. Catholicworshipper permalink

    Hey father graves, “WHERE ARE THE SCREENDUMPS” I dont believe youre a catholic at all.

    Where’s the “beef” as the commercial gos.


  21. Greg permalink

    My ‘friend’ just gave me this site. Isn’t Judaism homophobic though? I’ll back the cause, but have to know this. I will not, will not, will not support any cause that attacks race, sex or creed.

    Please, please, please, make this perfectly clear.

    I am unaffiliated as far as religion gos, but I do believe there is “something there”.

    • Judaism forbids sodomy, sorry, but thats just the way it is. feel free to be offended by that if you wish, but halachah (Jewish law) has been the same for the last 3500 years. As fro a man loving a man- nothing wrong with a platonic relationship, it only becomes forbidden when there is a physical relationship involved.

  22. Greg permalink

    But sweetie, I AM sitting here waiting for the new pictures, camcorder or not. I am here waiting!

    Oh but you’re cute.

    • One wonders how he would know what I look like since there is no picture of me posted LOL So, interesting post even if it is nonsensical

  23. Greg permalink

    Hello there again. I just knew something didn’t ‘fit well’, no pun intended!

    I see it now, up at the top, first you must capitalize yahoo. It is a proper noun.

    Second, you must spell utilised “utilized”.

    Don’t you have a secretary at your organization? Is there an (((opening))) no pun intended. No really, I would apply as a proofreader, unless you are homophobic, which question you have not answered yet. Sweetie, I really need to know. lol

    • Sweetie- you need to learn that not the whole world utilises Americanised spelling. Many of those outside of the USA still spell in English the way it has always been done and not modernised it. Thus “utilised” is correct, just change your spell check to British or South African English.

      As for a position, sorry- no organisation here, just a single individual. Therefore positions available.

  24. Yehudi permalink

    The only worthwhile posts worth reading are those of Messianic Jews. The rest are slurs and hate. Yahweh would hate a person who hated Messianic Jews. TRUTH!

    • Its always interesting to see how “messianic jews” insist on demonstrating their lack of knowledge and use Christian versions of G-d’s name! Sorry Yehudi, but no ‘w’ in Hebrew and nobody knows the vowelisation for the four letter name. But then, who would expect a “messianic jew” to display any knowledge of Hebrew or Judaism?

  25. Greg permalink

    Not for nothing, but this site is very boring. I came back 4 times. Nothing new!

    When are we going to have some real action?

  26. Greg permalink

    Is there something I am not seeing? People post here. Then the webmaster calls them MJs. Does she know something we don’t? What the hell is going on with sizing people up?

    • Do follow the source- these posts are from Yahoo! Answers- the people have all identified themselves as “messianic jews” there. Hey, feel free not to believe me, its really meaningless whether you agree or not.

  27. Krautite permalink

    Hey there 🙂

    I have some information on this you may want. It is on eBay and just search Messianic Jews.

  28. EPIEKARZ permalink

    What are the signs of moisah. I have read the hebrew scriptures through and see nothing about this moisah mentioned. I think messianics are ahead because they have a list.


    • We know exactly what the Mashiach will do- we don’t need Christians to tell us our religion! Don’t worry- the Jewish expectations of the Mashiach will be posted in time

  29. jessee permalink

    i was referred to this cite by a long time friend who gos to temple with me. i would like to know if this operation was approved by the rabbinical assemble of conservative judaism?

    if it was I would like to become a member. how do I know you are on the up and up especially concerning this situation? I know there are groups that masquerade as jews – this could be one. so i am not opting to receive emails and updates from you until i check your credentials. are you listed with the better business bureau? one cant be too careful these days. i hope you understand the internet can be a dangerous place especiallw when we do not know who i am dealing with.

    a sincere thanks for filling a need. who are you. maybe out rabbi could write your rabbi a letter to determine if this is approved by the rabbinical assemble of conservative judaism

    • There is no organisation and I am not in the USA. As for the RCA of Conservative Judaism, I have nothing to do with them as I am Orthodox.

      • Aravah permalink

        Another heads up that shows some don’t know what they’re talking about in their multiple accounts – Conservative Jews in the US do NOT refer to the synagogue as a “temple” – only Reform Jews do that.

      • Unfortunately it seems that Aravah is mistaken in this- please see the comment by Irving Friedman in Tactic: Multiple IDs which includes links to several Conservative communities that call themselves Temple.

  30. Mrslitmann permalink

    I am very upset my son is dating a christian girl and i feel i am losing him. I brought my son up as a Jew in all ways. He was Bar Mitzvah at 13. He attended High Holy Day services all his life with my husband and me. Now I find he is becomming engaged to the Christian.

    Is it your insight that I should demand he get his own place if this liason continues? Could she possibly be a Messianik Jewish? My son and I no longer talk, the more I tell him to go back to his roots the more he rebells. He is a smart boy. He is about to take the Bar exam. I feel this golddigger is out for his money and our money. At the very least my husband would like to report her to the authorities. This is a conspiracy between his family and hers. The rabbi can not help me. I have no one to turn to. I need more information about this service, for a small donation would I get the information I need this is serious what does Talmud say? Did this happen in the scriptures what would the L-rd have me do?

  31. Rabbi2 permalink

    Please title email PERSONAL/CONFIDENTIAL revnge is a necessity under Jewish law.

    To defeat the wicked one should be vengeful, tit for tat. . Revenge is a necessity and sometimes doing savage things intended to create a true balance of terror.

    If hurting an evil leaders will pressure them to stop acting maliciously you can hurt them.

  32. HelenHunt permalink

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  33. Bruce permalink

    Do you know my IP address? Someone told me you can put me on a mailing list and I’d get tons of junk mail and spam.

    I know this may seem out of the ordinary, but you are a new site. I see other interneters are suspicious too.


    • I have never put anyone’s name onto any lists, nor would. People looking for details to mine to use to send spam use EMAIL addresses, not IP numbers- since IP is a computer identifier and one cannot send email to an IP address! If you are worried about spam- a good practice is to have a Yahoo, gmail or other free email account that can be discarded if it ends up being bombarded by spam, and using that when needed on sites you are suspicious of.

  34. permalink

    I believe in what you are doing. When will this be revised (meaning more pictures()

  35. Mrepiekarz permalink

    I find missionaries annoying also. I live in a big city and am at a loss of what to do when I am handed a track (they call it).

    If I say no I feel guilty for hours. Would it be offensive to tear it up?

    Thank you for your efforts I know they are fledgling but great things are instore for you I know that.

    • No need to feel guilty- they are harassing people in public, relying on the social convention that people will not cause a scene or say no in public. By accosting you in public, by trying to get you to take their material in public, they have shown their rudeness and their willingness to insult others. as such, there is no need to feel guilty if you ignore them. In fact, the best way to act is to just ignore them- don’t engage with them, don’t argue with them- just ignore the, They want a confrontation- why make yourself feel uncomfortable?

      As for their material- it is fine to chuck it in the dustbin or treat it as you would any other waste paper. BY handing it out in public, they have given it to you to dispose of in the manner you see fit. If they want it treated in a specific way- let them give it out in their churches to those who chosen to be their to receive it!

  36. Are all missionaries messianic? Are you equally concerned about all kinds of missionaries even those in Mexico. I have a member in the family who is a priest there. Are you against him. Please explain.

    Also I need to know the name of a missionary organization so I can read up and be more familiar.

    • No- missionaries come from all movements and from many different religions. Different movements use different tactics, different methods and have different standards and modes of behaviour. Do I approve of any missionaries? No- but most I don’t oppose in the manner I oppose “messianic jews” since they do not use the deceit, misrepresentation and underhand tactics that the “messianic jewish” movements do. Yes, if one is active where I am, I will oppose them- but I do not make a point of being as active in my opposition as to those that use deceit and misrepresentation.

  37. Question-Why did you take to the internet and not do this where you live? U say you are orthodox, if so, why doesn’t your rabbi have interest in this mission?


    • Why did I take this to internet? simple it is needed. it is where I find the “messianic jews” most active at the moment- so it is where I am most active. Offline I have been active in the past- helping friends and family that had the misfortune to run into these missionaries without the knowledge to counter them. I don’t know of anyone who disproves of people opposing missionaries- on the contrary, I have only received praise from people in the community for doing so!

  38. RICH permalink



    • What experience to make this site? Just the getting fed up with the activities of the “messianic jews” on Yahoo! Answers and the seeming refusal of Yahoo! to respond to their gaming the system, cheating, and breaking of the TOS. Since the channels on the site don’t work, I am taking my own action to highlight what is going on and bring it to light.

      As for opposing missionaries in general, that reason is the Torah and the responsibility that all of Bnei Yisrael have towards one another. As such, when one Jew is threatened by missionaries, especially an uneducated one that does not know how to answer or protect themselves, it is the responsibility of those who can answer, of those who have the knowledge, to speak up and to ensure that the [erson is protected against the threat to their souls.

  39. eieko permalink

    Why is there no contact link.I need to ask some questions about this issue that are highly confidential and can not be posted because of their sensitivity.You will want to know this. It has to do with something that was said to me by a missionary recently. I am afraid that if I post it here ther may be retaliation. Are missionaries violent? Please give me an answer to that question.If they are violent how would u and I know we were safe?

    Can they trace your or my address through the internet? I will post again if I can not contact you in secrecy.

    • I have added a contact email address (see the side panel). Feel free to send email there.

      As for tracing you across the net- no one’s email address will be exposed here, nor will any other private details (unless threats or illegal activity takes place, in which case relevant details will be provided to the necessary legal authorities). As a general rule- do not give out private details on the internet, there are scam artists and fraudsters that can use such information against you.

  40. mano permalink

    Are there more problems than the ones here? Bigger problems? What happened to the Catholic priest, was he banned for threatening you? Maybe he was a messianic also. Did that ever occurr to you?

    • Of course, there always are. But this is the problem I have chosen to be active in solving. One person cannto do everything- so you pick your battles and hope others will do the same for other areas that need it.

      No one has been banned or blocked- if someone has posted and then not come back- it means they chose not to come back. Only those uttering threats, phishing or continuously posting profanities and attacks on others with be blocked.

  41. misty permalink

    Go to hell you jackass. What kind of shit is this? Do you make money off this dumb crap. Eat shit

    • Now here we have a highly intelligent post- the kind that in the future will be blocked, and the person blocked. Why let this one through? As an illustration of the wonderful inability of some people to post appropriately. One can but wonde rhow the person thinks this is a money making exercise when there are no adverts, no solicitation for donations

  42. STEFANIE permalink

    What is the significance of Isaiah 53?

    • It is Isaiah stating how in the future Bnei Yisrael (The nation of Israel) will be rewarded for the suffering they have undergone down the ages. It is the middle of a prophecy, not an independent prophecy, unfortunately many people forget that the chapters and verses were inserted into the books centuries AFTER they were originally written! The shift from talking about Bnei Yisrael in the plural to the metaphor of them as an individual is very clear in Chapter 52, and the shift back to the plural is just as clear in Chapter 54. Nor is the metaphor of Bnei Yisrael as an individual or as the servant of G-d unique to here, it is frequently utilised by Isaiah.

  43. Orthodox Realty Firm permalink

    We thought the web site was commical. As Orthodox we feel your efforts would be better spent fighting the filth and connected degragation of the entire Jewish community by Pop Regae Rappers that are Orthodox like Matisyahu.

    He is on MTV and reaches a larger audience then this. Get out there and fight for the dignity of our fathers who would spit on Matisyahu.

    • One wonders what purpose somebody has in pretending to be Orthodox to trash Matisyahu? The Orthodox community has nothing against his music and many listen to it. as such, I wonder at the purpose behind this comment.

  44. Orthodox Realty Firm permalink

    We would like to put our Realty logo as an avitar. How do we download this image to replace the horrible gremlin next to our post?

    • Just create a wordpress login and you can customise it from there. The link to wordpress can be found at the bottom of this page.

  45. Interesting. What you are saying is that with approximately 449 hits, only 3 people posted?

    • Nope- the 160 odd comments until then was from four IP addresses- the hits contained more IP addresses, but only three posted comments

  46. junebride permalink

    Have they broken any laws? I find them nice people.

    • Well, if you don’t mind the lies, deceit and misrepresentation, I’m sure they can be great people. That said, I am sure that somewhere there are “messianic jews that are genuine in their beliefs, are not predatory missionaries and are nice people. Sadly, none have been amongst the “messianic jews’ I have met online or offline. I am sure they must exist though, there are anomolies in every group.

      As for their breaking any laws- I am sure the vast majority of “messianic jews” are law abiding citizens. Unethical in their missionary antics, but law abiding

  47. Australiaoutback permalink

    I am a Messianic and this has come to my attention.

    What passage in the Hebrew Scriptures and-or Talmud gives you the idea that this is G-d’s way of solving any situation?

    Imagine if G-d humilated us every time we erred.

    I think you need to rethink your avenues.

    • Read the Torah and how it says we go about getting the meizid to reveal themselves. The Talmud in masechta Sanhedrin on how we treat the meizid. Read Rambam and the Chofetz Chaim on hilchos lashon hara- and how it does not apply to the meizid or apikoros trying to convert Jews!

      You want me to rethink my avenue, then alter the behaviour I object to. Nothing less than that will lead me to stopping what I am doing!

    • Just a question- which part of the post about somebody being caught out using multiple IDs through their IP address was difficult to understand that you would not realise the same applies to you? Tell me, Australiaoutback, do you prefer that or Gibbons? And yes- if you accuse me of lying I will post the screendump of the admin screen showing that you are one and the same

  48. Sonofthunder permalink

    Do you have the inside scoop on Messianic singer Aviad Cohen?

    • Sorry, never heard of him nor do I plan on ever listening to him- if I want to listen to great religious music I will listen to people like Mordechai ben david, not a singer from a Christian missionary movement!

  49. Illelage permalink

    hope i am posting in the right place the site is confusing with q/a evrywhere.

    if jews dont evangelize why are you here. If it were a messianic jewish doing this with “conservative judiasm exposed” you may consider is proselytazation. right?

    picture itin your mind

    “conservative judiasm exposed” with christian answers!!!

    i know I would consider it proselytazation since I am jewish!!!

    my question is “why is THIS not considered evangelizing?” if it would have been vise versa.?

  50. Illelage permalink

    question 2 (dont hammer away at me it probably has 2 ip the same.)

    is RoshPinaProject a reliable site? do you consider them to be filled with lies and misrepresentation too?

    • I don’t know. i don’t read it, I don’t care to read it. It is not a site of interest to me so I really know very little about it. I did find their so called expose of my site hilarious though. Nice though, its been a great advert and led to many people coming here. LOL If there post about my site is typical of their posts- well, they are hardly ethical and seem intent on trying to out me. I am sure they are hoping that revealing my picture, name and location would have the effect of silencing me out of fear. Too bad for them I don’t scare so easily.

      Note: I hammer at people who pretend to be two or more people! O A person is going to come in through the same IP all the time, that is expected and encouraged. What I object to is one person pretending to be multiple people.

  51. MrsBlumburg permalink

    Seems every messianic site I visit has your photo! I had to stop by and wish you well. You attained a high level of fame in a very short time.


    • Ah, well, as long as they provide a link to my blog. Advertising is great!

    • You know whats amazing- all these claims that my picture etc are on the “messianic jewish” websites, yet a search on google reveals an article on one and a cross reference to another. So, either all these websites do not exist (in which case you are being dishonest), or all these websites are violating copyright by not including links back to the original source (in which case they are being dishonest) So who is being dishonest here, them or you?

  52. Regina Epstein permalink

    This is the pettiness that has given Judaism a bad name.

    I shutter to think how many you turned off from yiddishkeit for life.

    • Ah yes, its defending Judaism against missionaries and those misrepresenting it that give it a bad name! LOL Its not anti-semites lying about the Jewish beliefs, its not missionaries misrepresenting jewish beliefs and thus creating hatred for real Jews- nope, nothing like that creates hatred for Judaism according to you. You seem to think that Jews defending their religion and exposing the lies and misrepresentation of a group of missionaries is what does it! Sorry, your reasoning is so warped I cannot even begin to fathom how a person could arrive at it!

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