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Questions and Answers

The purpose of this page is simple- to answer questions you might have about “messianic judaism” and their tactics.  Just ask a question in the comments and I will reply to the comment.

  1. mangos permalink

    Hahaha Yahoo Answers – give all of us a brake! Its worthless, Yahoo answers is, You’ll only find crybabies, ignoraminous & teenage kids. I waskicked off for telling the story which was true.

    From the posts I would say the average age is 13 – 17.
    If you accuse a kid of doing something publicly, you could be sued. Maybe they dont look like the little boxes. The clown for instance may be under 18.

    Take a bit of advice. Watch out or child protective services may be after you.

    • Nothing to watch out for actually. Pointing out the obnoxious behaviour of people, regardless of their age, is not a criminal offense. Oh wait, was your comment meant to make me scared and quickly remove my post? LOL

  2. mangos permalink

    I was level 6, and I was suspended. I was in the religious sectionand offended someone by calling them jackass. Maybe its me u want to attack.

    • Why should I want to attack you? I have pointed out a specific mode of behaviour from a specific group of people. Hard to understand why you would think I would want to attack you- unless you were one of them before your account got suspened

  3. Macho permalink

    This is a joke. Are you for real. I think the comments are made up. Nobody could send you such stupid comments.

    • Sigh, well, why not wait a bit. it should be illuminating LOL

    • jewtina:You are working trouhgh the challenging issues of the Torah, faith, Jews, Gentiles, and so on. There is no substitute for each person, family, community doing its own study.Since you asked my opinion, no, Torah has not changed in any dramatic sense. Torah is for Jews and Gentiles do not follow the sign commandments of Torah. If you’ve read much on my blog, you’ve gathered that. I have a book, Paul Didn’t Eat Pork (available on amazon), which goes over it all in more detail.Derek Leman

  4. KEVIN permalink

    Good luck buddy youll need it.

  5. Annonymous permalink

    Did you see one of Messianic Judaism’s replies to this blog?

    • I saw it- and a link to a site that posts my picture and my name without permission is NOT going to appear here. They seriously want me to post the crap they spew, they can first remove all defamatory posts, my picture and my name from their site. Quite frankly, I am not going to give space to people trying to attack me.

  6. Private permalink

    Is there a Messianic dating service like

    Would you know if its honest?

    This is one reason I’m on the internet and found this because I am lonely and would like to be married.

    • Sorry, I am not a dating service nor am I interested in facilitating a dating service for “messianic jews”. Good luck with your quest

  7. ..... permalink

    Good evening young man,

    Actually it was strange how I arrived here. One of my favorite websites is Rosh Pina Project and I saw an expose’ there about. So interested was I that I searched for myself to see what the truth was. Here I am. Say, tell me, I see you have had a bit of trouble getting started. Edison didn’t discover electricity the first time he flew his kite either. Stick to it! Do not give up! Remember, we can say “I can” or we can say “I cant”. Both will be self fulfilling prophecies.

    Just came to bring encouragement. I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.

    My question is what have your personal dealings with Messianics in Johannesburgh been? Are they many there? Do you make it a point to treat each other civilly?

    Thank you in anticipation for your help.

    • Trouble getting started? Nah- close to five hundred hits after less than a week is pretty good going. Pity around three hundred of those are probably from the one multi-account abuser! But I must thank the Rosh Pina project for advertising my blog for me- heh, I wonder how many of their readers are embarrassed by the antics being revealed here?

      As for my experience with “messianic jews” in Johannesburg- all negative. I have never met one that wasn’t a missionary and stopped one in a shopping centre posing as a Jew and “blessing children”. Since most did not understand the Hebrew he was using, the Jews he was fooling were horrified when I pointed out his blessing was in the name of Yeshua haMashiach- merely the “messianic jewish” term for Jesus Christ! Deceit, misrepresentation and praying on peoples ignorance- the reason why so many find their tactics so disgusting.

  8. UB40 permalink

    I have a question. If you had a close friend and they started believing in Jesus, what would you do? Would he be thrown out of his house where you live? Would he have to leave the village? Would his life be safe? Would you still be a friend.

    Bottom line is what would the future be for an orthodox jew who believed in Jesus in your part of the world.

  9. privacy opted permalink

    Do you ever pray for Messianics that they will return to what you feel is thr truth. How much does prayer play into this? Is praying for them to return to a mainstream braich of Judaism against Talmud?

  10. cappuchino permalink

    I saw your site mentioned on a blog I usually visit so I came here to find out more about you and this Messianics Exposed.

    QUESTION: Would you consider any person who told you about Jesus to be messianic let me give you the for-instance of a Church of God member? Or are all witnesses to Jesus messianics in your eyes?

    QUESTION2: Do you think you would have gravitated to Judaism if you were not born into it? Would your religious affiliation still be Jewish if you were born to people who did not believe in God at all?

  11. Damian permalink

    I cant comment on this blog yet I have to look around. I read the other side of the coin on RPP now I would like yours.

    Did you make any mistakes when 1st opening this site that u would have changed given a 2nd chance?

    Another religion can be a touchy subject. This idea is a good one if done in the right way. That may have been what RPP was leting you know.

    So again would you have done ANYTHING in a different way to keep your picture and negative review off RPP?

  12. permalink

    Are you going to keep the contents like this, with questions and answers?Or are the contents going to be more supposed scandal of them?

    • Both. The revealing of their methodology and misbehaviour posts will be done only once or twice a week- Q&A posts will be done when people ask questions

  13. Not Applicable permalink

    You have no class to start a website that SLANDERS another religion we have enough hate in the world. Me? I am a member of a Jewish Congregation in Flower Mound, TX. My Rabbi wouldn’t stoop so low. Water rises to its own level.

  14. “Messianics” aren’t Jews, they are just Christians. Rav Mizrahi disproved the NT!

  15. Personal permalink

    What are your credentials for answering questions of this type. For all we know, you could have attended Clown College.

    • Well, if you don’t like what I have to say, then don’t read! I don’t claim to be a Rabbi and I don’t claim to be one of the great sages of this generation. My credentials are nothing more than offering my knowledge based on the fact that I have studied Torah and Talmud daily for the last 18 years, including some time spent in Yeshivah, act as the Rabbi and spiritual leader for a community in Johannesburg and give shiurim for them, and at some institutions with which the shul is associated. If its not enough for you- feel free not read what is posted.

    • I’m glad that you were able to ask this quisteon, though disappointed w/ the answer.Perhaps an open letter to N.T. Wright on the basis of The God Of Israel and Christian Theology’ is in order. I would love to hear/see his thoughts on what Soulen offers up in this book.My overarching problem with Wright’s view is that it ultimately calls for the disintigration of the wonderful cultures that God has established here on earth.Sure, on a micro level we can make it specifically about Judaism, but the jewish culture isn’t the only one that God has created.An ultimate homogenization of all peoples is not what I think God is moving toward Jon

  16. n/a permalink

    Where is all the good stuff?

    I think you’re a poser who makes these posts yourself. Bet you won’t post this one idiot.

    What have you revealed? I SEE NOTHING

  17. Dances With Torah With Two Left Feet permalink

    I wish to comment on the post falsely accusing this blog for “slander” of another religion.

    First, I suggest that person might look up the definition of slander. Next, I will note that a member of a Jewish community calling this blog slander, is in itself a violation of Torah.

    I doubt that any Rabbi of a Reform synagogue would appreciate being used to try to support such behavior here.

    There is one synagogue that I can find anywhere listed in Flower Mound, Texas. It is a Reform synagogue that has it’s phone number listed as well. I suppose anyone here could look that congregation up online and bother that Rabbi and ask directly:

    Do you think that it is “slander” to speak out and expose deceptive missionary tactics and to defend the Jewish community, especially the young, disenfranchised and vulnerable and the elderly, against such tactics?

    Do you think it is “slander” to support the Position Statements of the CCAR regarding Christian evangelism and the deceptive tactics of some groups who dishonestly call their religion a form of Judaism? Do you think it is slander to call upon all Reform Jews to remain united with all the world’s Jews (to which the synagogue that employs that Rabbi claims affiliation as a member of the Member of the Union for Reform Judaism )
    Just a portion of the above Reform position:
    “The accepted bodies of Judaism, while differing on points of theology and practice, unanimously agree that belief in Jesus as God, the Messiah, Savior, or the Son of God is Christian doctrine, which is wholly apart from Jewish tradition and theology. Therefore, any movement that professes such belief cannot be considered a part of Judaism and cannot legitimately represent itself as such.
    The use of these deceptive practices that distort Judaism in order to convert Jews is a moral issue of great concern, not only to the Jewish community, but to society at large. We call upon our congregations and organizations to publish this stand in their newsletters and temple bulletins. We call upon our colleagues to share this statement with leaders and friends in the Christian communities. We call upon all fair-minded Americans to condemn deception in the name of religion and not to support or sponsor such organizations.”

  18. Deborah permalink


    The post above by Dances With Torah With Two Left Feet was plagerized.

    Is your rule regarding plagerism for all just a certain class?

    You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

    • I can find no evidence of it having been posted elsewhere on the internet. Feel free to post proof of your accusation- and if you have none, you need to apologise to dances with Torah with two left feet” for making a false accusation. Quoting an article, while stating where it is found, who wrote it, and the fact that the person quoting the article has permission to do so, is NOT plagiarism. So, now it lies with you to prove your accusation, or apologise for your false accusation. If you cannot prove it within 5 days from today (Saturday 19 June) I will mark your post as an unfounded accusation for which you have not apologised.

    • henrietta permalink

      Familiar with your words, wondering why you would say “AND ACTUALLY THINKING A “messainic jew” WOULD BE HONEST!”? For years you’ve called Messianic Jews “liars”.

      Then why are some of the links on the left of the screen linked to Christian websites? Are you playing both ends against the middle, or failing to read your references thoroughly?


      • As I said- what was I thinking? Being familiar with the way “messianic jews” behave, I should not have given them a whole 5 days without their statement being marked for what it is. Yet, I did. I suppose I was under the false impression that on a website that aims to expose their bad behaviour and dishonesty, they would actually attempt to behave properly here in an attempt to show me to be wrong. sadly, they are not capable of that amount of restraint!

        And none of the links are to Christian websites. feel free to tell me which one is- or do you think that merely y stating it is so they will magically transform?

  19. henrietta permalink


    Why do you refer to many statements from others as if you knew they were Jews 4 Jesus (Messianics) when that is not noted on their statement?

    OMHO, but you have no way of knowing what or who they are.

    • I have been active on Yahoo! Answers since 2006. Many of the screen shots here are from people with hundreds of posts and thousands of comments. YOU may not have seen them proclaiming themselves as “messianic jews”, I have. You don’t want to believe me- that’s quite ok, it really doesn’t bother me. After all, who wants to look at the misbehaviour of their group and admit? Cognitive dissonance is so uncomfortable to overcome.

  20. Linda permalink

    Who gives you the authority to speak on this? God? Are you sponsored by any religious body or only a loose cannon?

  21. Personal permalink

    When a blog dies, does the tzidduk hadin and El malei rachamim have to be chanted?

    My condolences.

    • Heh, what, that desperate to see the blog fail and stop exposing the dishonest tactics of ‘messianic judaism”? LOL

      Sorry, but the hit counter is ticking along nicely and still averaging over 100 hits a day. But thanks for showing the desperation, and lack of knowledge, of ‘messianic jews” to see criticism of them dying off.

      • Personal permalink

        I’m not a Messianic Jew. I stumbled on this site months ago and you probably have 40 posts under my ID.

        You have no idea who I am, and feel free to publish my IP address. I really do not care.

        The vast majority of the comments here were made by me, I don’t think there were a dozen that weren’t.

        I get many laughs coming here, others get laughs reading this. I know all about it.

        plagiarism removed

      • Hilarious- you really trying aren’t you? In case you haven’t noticed- I made a post listing your various IDs, alternating genders, religions, stances, attempts to pass yourself off as a lawyer etc. You really need to try harder since all you are doing is confirming exactly what I have posted on this blog already. You destroyed any credibility you had a long time ago and nobody believes anything coming out of your mouth Laurie (I’ll use that ID since that is the one with initials that match a few of the variant email addresses you have used as well as for what is probably your main email address you used to subscribe to the feed from this site!)

        As for publishing your IP address- why would I do that? I said if you DENIED the accusation and accused me of lying I would do it to prove I was being honest. since all you have done is confirm what I accused you of- there is no need to publish anything. You want your IP in the public domain you’re just going to have to post it yourself!

  22. LaurieJoan permalink

    I’m not a jew, wouldn’t want to be one and personally wouldnt be a messianic jew either. I don’t want the name attached to me.

    I see no post about me, my ids, genders, etc. You are lying and I am not at my home computer, I am at work.

  23. Gucci permalink

    I read about your blog while surfing. I’m here, obviously, and it appears to be a made up farce. Either that or someon is intentionally harassing you with some very funny stuff, like a comic book!

    There’s nothing harmful or antisemitic here. Annoying? Possibly. But you’re on the internet. There are even computers in Mental Hospitals!

    I believe someone, or many, are making jokes and they are at times quite humerous.

    That might be a possibility.


      How very unsurprising that someone abusing multiple IDS chooses to create an ID to attack this blog! It appears that some people just don;t seem to understand the concept that every time they post a comment, their IP address is recorded- and its a simple matter of running a search on the IP across the blog to see their previous comments…

  24. Virtuoso permalink


    There are about 750,000 Messianic Jews in the world today.

    You’re referring to “tactics”, yet you constantly refer to only 2 people! I’m tired of hearing about ‘Adolphi’ and ‘James’. They’re only 2 out of 750,000 in the world.

    If it’s Y/A you’re concentrating and there are only 2 or 3 jokers there, why undertake this endeavour? Hardly seems worthwhile. Hows about some other names? There must be thousands of Messianic Jews worldwide who go on Yahoo, why pick on only 3?

    • Nah, theres been more- DSM with his historical revisionism, Devoted1 and Boland with denials of “messianic jewish” missionary activity, Shay’s anti-Semitic rant- and then Fay, Abiyah, Suzie Moo and some of the others with their insults. Yes, lately James/Adelphi has featured- because james/Adelphi has messed up roayaly and blatantly shown what the others have carefully hidden.

      And picking on james/Adelphi is picking on ONE person, or did you miss the point that it is a single individual using multiple accounts?

      As to why do this- well its simple- Yahoo! Answers is where I am active therefore where I am able to pick up the behaviour and highlight it. However, the same behaviour is utilised on other forums to try and push their agenda. While I am highlighting the specifics based on yahoo! Answers, the general behaviour is broader; I just use the examples from where I can get them, and from the people that I can recognise.

      As for there being many thousands fo ‘messianic jews” on Yahoo! Answers- sorry, there are only a handful- or at least only a handful that own up to it. Also, I am only concerned with those trying to spread misinformation and trying to portray it as being an actual sect of Jduaism rather than a Christian sect- in other words, its generally only the “Religion & Spirituality” forum that is relevant. I don’t care about a “messianic jew” discussing sport or their pets- i have nothing against “messianic jews” as individuals and have no desire to disrupt their lives. i DO care about lies, deceit and misrepresentation and the kind of reprehensible behaviour that I have displayed here that is indulged in by some members of “messianic judaism” in trying to discredit jews and Judaism to promote “messianic judaism”!

  25. Grandma Levine permalink

    I fried a milchig food in oil in a flesichig pan that wasn’t used for 24 hours, what would be the the status of the food & the fry-pan?

  26. Grandma Levine permalink

    My neighbor lives on 5 acres of land in Florida that has orange orchards. If I walk through the orchard without her knowing is it wrong to pick the oranges? They’d probably rot on the tree anyway. Would it be considered stealing?

    • This is off topic for this blog; Please ask this questions at the “Ask the Rabbi Service” at, or

  27. Grandma Levine permalink

    Is it murder to kill a righteous Gentile who curses Israel and looks forward to its demise?

    • Please ask these questions at the “Ask the Rabbi Service” at, or it is off topic for here

  28. Adelphi permalink

    Why is it so quiet here lately?

    • Life- heh, this blog is a minor part of mine and there are more important things to concentrate on at the moment. Never fear, there will be more action LOL

  29. J. Michael permalink

    This is interesting. I am a Jew. To observe me in my home, I am typical of most Jews. Check my DNA….there it is, Semitic markers. Now here is the rub. I believe in the Messiah. So, tell me, when did I stop “being Jewish”? At the moment I decided that I believed in the Messiah? This whole concept is not logical to me? This is a personal conclusion that I came to on my own.

    Now, I can see resistance to some Pentecostal Holiness Congregate doing the “Gnome Dance” and self-declaring himself a “Jew” but I can not see for the life of me or understand the vitriol to one of your own, to someone, who if beside you in a Synagogue, you would never know believed the way I do, unless we told you. (Believe me there are more than you realize) After all, you can be accepted as a “Jew” (Culture-Race wise) and declare yourself an Atheist, a Buddhist, etc. but not a believer in the Messiah???? Did my “Jewish” DNA evaporate at my moment of belief? When I kindle the Shabbat candles this Friday at sundown, is it in vain? When I observe this Yom Kippur is G-D somehow going to begrudge my being there? NO.

    Regarding “Aliyah” (and I know this will come up) this is of no concern to me at all. I have no desire to live in Israel. So, that being said, do not assume I want or “need” to do this, I do not.

    Personally, I love being Jewish, I love the culture, the experiences and most everything associated with it. In my heart I am a Jew and WILL ALWAYS remain so. I do not need be “deemed” a Jew or not a Jew by some stodgy and hypocritical rabbinical council, the Israeli Supreme Court or other Jews who are simply parroting what they are told without actually thinking. It is laughable.

    Just a thought. If we were together in Germany in the 1930s – 1940s and the Nazis came upon us, do you think, for an instant, if I explained to them that I believed in the Messiah and was therefore not a “Real Jew” (by your standards), that they would spare me and take you? They wouldn’t. They would take us both to the ovens.

    We are such a small part of this world. It is a shame we fight among ourselves and turn against each other over something like individual belief. I and those like me do not impose our will on you. What makes you think it is acceptable to impose yours on us? Maybe it is our curse I suppose.

    Feel free to express your opinion. I have probably heard everything already and to K’vetch is so typically us, isn’t it?

    • Judaism is not about genetics- it really doesn’t matter what your genetics are- a convert is 100% Jewish and there children just as Jewish as any other! Two converts who marry each other have children that are 100% Jewish with absolutely no difference between them and any other Jew. genetics is a red herring that has absolutely nothing to do with deciding Jewishness? When did you cease to be Jewish? I have written an in depth article on this on my other blog which can be found here: “Musings of an Orthodox Jew”

      The summary of that si that the moment you took on the beliefs of another religion, you ceased to be a part of the Jewish people and community. Furthermore, as it states in the first Mishnah of Chapter Chelek in masechta Sanhedrin- a Jew who takes on the beliefs of another religion, or studies the books of another religion in order to aid in his worshipping of hashem, is punished with Kares in the world to come. so, is your being in Shul on Yom Kippur in vain? YES- unless you repent and give up being in another religion then you are not repenting the singly worst sin you are involved in and stand to be punished with Kares in the world to come!

      Quite frankly- your “love of being Jewish” is immaterial and laughable. You claim to love being Jewish- and then ignore its values and teachings to try and redefine it into something else. Your invoking of the nazis to try and claim some kind of brotherhood is just disgusting- Jews do not define themselves by what anti-semites believe; such disgusting invocations are merely the gasps of the desperate to try and use the shock value of such statements to prevent dissent. what the Nazis would have done is immaterial to Jews- their determinations have nothing to do with Jewish laws or beliefs!

      As for “us” being such a small part of the world. Sorry- you do not qualify in that! You are a CHRISTIAN and thus a member of the majority religion on this planet. You do not get to claim to be Jewish when you worship in another religion. You have turned your back on any Jewish connection you had, destroyed it and seperated yourself from Jews, both in this world and the next.

      B’ezrat Hashem you will realise what you are doing, repent and return to Judaism- hopefully tonight, but if not, hopefully soon and before the next Yom Kippur so you can be sealed for life, and not death, in the world to come!

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